Listen, Child... if you are in the Forest and smell something so indescribably wonderful that you must find it... run.  
The Sacrisi is one of the more dangerous plants in all of Prijeba. With its glowing flower petals and almost incandescent sheen in the light, with looks alone it could lure in most sentients.   The danger, however, lies in the scent that plays on the mind. The hypnotic capability of that scent has led many an Elf and Kin alike to their death. The Sacrisi is not just a beautiful low-hanging stalk and flower nestled in lovely purple and green leaves.   It is a bulb that is meant to lure in prey - like one of those glowing bulbs on the deep sea fish. The hypnotized prey comes closer to collect the scent of the flower, lulled into relaxation and ill preparation through the power the scent holds on the mind. When the prey is close, the Sacrisi will slowly tilt towards the person unfortunate enough to have been so taken by scent - and then when the individual leans in for another whiff, the roots of the Sacrisi will drag its prey into a large plantlike sac buried in the ground.   There, the person shall die with a smile on their face - never aware of how their flesh melts to the bone over the course of a single day. The more recently one of these plants has devoured someone, the more potent their scent. If you smell something like this - you must run. You must tell one of the Forest Folk - for only they seem to have the knack of safely ridding us of this menace.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

The Sacrisi plant reproduces via seeds that will sprout from its alluring flower - these seeds grow thin filaments that catch at the wind and use them to drift from their parent.  This method of dispersal is not as random as it seems - the Sacrisi seed's filaments seem to be capable of 'climbing' so long as there is movement in the air, and they will not sink into the ground to begin the germination process until they find a spot that is far enough from other Sacrisi to ensure quality hunting.   Fortunately, the Sacrisi only ever seems to let loose 2 to 3 seeds at a time.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Sacrisi plant starts out small - no bigger than an adult Veraxian's hand.  It will feed on large insects and small rodents to begin with, and as it grows, it will grow its preference for food.   It is not unheard of for Sacrisi to seem to 'hesitate' when a prey animal is nearby - as if it is unsure if this prey is what it is seeking.  The more recently it has fed, the more likely the prey is to survive the experience.

Ecology and Habitats

The warmer and more humid the environment, the faster the Sacrisi will grow.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Sacrisi are obviously carnivorous - and they don't seem to care which sort of animal they feed on.  They are as likely to devour a boar as they are a person.

Additional Information



Uses, Products & Exploitation

A powerful sedative can be created from the Sacrisi, but only the Gladers, Wilder, and Forest Folk have ever managed to survive attempting to harvest a Sacrisi - and from the stories told, even they risk death every time they attempt it.   The acids within the Sacrisi's 'stomach' are very useful for metal work. They are used to create beautiful etchings and ready a weapon for enchantment.  
The Sacrisi plant is notoriously difficult to remove without destroying it - both for the danger inherent in its proximity and for the sheer mass of the plant as it grows larger.  Generally speaking, once the plant has reached 6 feet, most wood elves accept that live removal is too dangerous.

Live Removal
Live Removal involves a combination of enchantment spells to lull the plant into a restful state - usually after sacrificing an animal to its appetite.  Once the plant seems docile, Wood Elves and Gladers begin the process of digging a trench five feet from the base of the Sacrisi, and digging six feet down.  They will cautiously begin removing dirt until the roots are exposed, and then use Floating Disk spells to move the Sacrisi while other Conservators tend to keeping it docile during the move.  There is a particular section of forest where  Sacrisi have been re-planted - closer to the Wall and therefore creating a more natural defense line for anything that gets past the Garrison's defenses.   Violent Removal
The removal of a large Sacrisi plant sadly tends to end in violence - and caution.  When the Sacrisi plant dies, its prey sac tends to fall open - splashing acid across anything that is nearby as the plant shudders in death throes.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

South-central Prijeba

Average Intelligence

They are not so much intelligent as they are instinctively capable of finding good ambush locations.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Sacrisi plant was a mystery for some time as to how it knew to 'grab' its prey.  Eventually, one of the Elder Wood Elves discovered that the Sacrisi plant seemed sensitive to vibrations.  The movement of prey near the plant would trigger the 'grab' - like a reflex.
Conservation Status
This species is considered extremely dangerous - and while the Wood Elves would never allow them to be hunted down and destroyed completely, the Wood Elves also will endeavor to relocate Sacrisi where possible -- and kill it if they must. The larger the plant gets, the more likely the Wood Elves are to destroy it .
Average Height
The tallest discovered has been nearly 12 feet in height.
Average Weight
When dug from the ground, the Sacrisi at an average height of 6 feet weigh approximately 800lbs.
Average Length
The Roots have a short range on their ability to grab at prey, as most of the roots are necessary to hold the bulk of the Sacrisi upright.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Red and Pink Bulbs.  Green and Purple Foliage.  Dark, almost black roots.


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I am considering writing an article (short story) for the world about someone who tried to domesticate a Sacrisi.

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And they PROTECT it?! O_O Time to burn down the entire region.

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