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The Elves of Lenayn come in many sizes, colors, and appearances. What most Kin consider to be archetypal, however, is the Nobility of Lenayn.

The Nobility of Lenayn

+1 to two Attributes of your choice ; +1 to Dex
Skill Bonuses: +1 Insight, +1 Religion
  The Nobility are believed to have been the first touched by Elenwen's Grace, and so they have been colored in the Light of her Law. With varying shades of blond and white hair, the most pureblooded of the Nobility almost seem washed out in color, save for their eyes. Their eyes hold a vibrancy rivaled only by the divine light of their Goddess.   If their appearance was not so eye-catching, their personalities would give them away. The Nobility of Lenayn are, almost to a fault, formal. With rigid education and a culture that demands they do nothing to dishonor their Goddess, the Nobility of Lenayn are often confused for being arrogant and self-righteous. In truth, they see themselves as the hands and messengers of the Goddess and her people.   They are as prone to faults as any, but most of them are simply unwilling to dishonor their family, their house, or their faith.

The Wood Elves of Lenayn

+2 to Wis ; +1 to Str
Skill Bonuses:+1 Athletics, +1 Religion
  The Wood Elves - or Forest Folk as some Kin call them - come in a greater variety of coloring than their Noble siblings. Their defining features are the horns that grace their skulls - and the glow of their hair when they perform magic.   The personalities of the Forest Folk tend to be more Tribal - and far less inclined towards forgiveness if they find trespassers in their homes. While they are more than happy to assist the refugees and their descendants - they will demand that their traditions be followed when within lands they have granted to those they have taken in.   The Forest Folk see themselves as the Keepers of Elenwen's sacred forests - and those that take more than they give will find a Wood Elf willing to carve compensation from their flesh.

The River Elves of Lenayn

+2 to Cha ; +1 to Dex
Skill Bonuses: +1 Nature, +1 Religion
  The River Elves - Water Folks as the Kin call them - live in the rivers and coastal waters of the Nation of Lenayn. Their coloring is always in tones that match their place of birth - greens, blues, and purples are the most common. That being said, it is not unheard of for some of the River Elves that live in deeper waters to take on the dark greens of their Kelp Farms. They are just as capable of breathing on land as underwater, but it is well known that they require more fluid intake on dry land - and so are rarely found far from a source of water to dip into.   Charged by their Goddess to tend to the underwater lands and ensure that proper Healing is brought to those that have need, the River Folk were kept very busy after the Wasting. While other Elves have some ability with Healing, Healing is the true Domain of the River Elves - and without their magic the Kin who had fled Veraxis would have perished in terrible pain.   Since the aftermath of the Wasting, only the Elves of the Rivers have been easily found. The Coastal and Sea Elves have become fairly insular, though most have no clue as to why.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Elenwen, Lady of Life  - The main deity for the elves of Lenayn.


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