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Goblins sprouted from gnomes. As to why and how, I'll bother with that some other time. They exist as a pest to all sentient species and a danger to any small villages.They pillage without any mercy and will try to manipulate the unaware to get what they want. Thanks to the way the reproduce, it's hard to believe the world will ever be rid of them. Their culture is very volatile and many goblins carry scars from this violent nature. You'll often find them in ruins and sewer-esk locations.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Hunched small green men with pointy ears and gnarled faces.

Genetics and Reproduction

The produce asexually and have pods grow from their backs. The sac eventually fall off and grow into young goblins that serve the pack and themselves.

Ecology and Habitats

They have no native habitat and will invade anywhere they can get a foot hold. Do to their chaotic nature, they have a tendency to wreck the ecosystem they invade.

Dietary needs and habits

They are a carnivorous species that will try to eat anything that moves. They have a particular taste for sapient creatures as these goblins can siphon the magic from them allowing for specialized goblins to appear.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics


Geographic Origin and Distribution

Mainly in the human kingdoms but they can be found through out the world.

Average Intelligence

Mostly dumb but cunning enough to create traps and trick people.

Perception and Sensory capabilities

Their perception is rather poor with the exception of their hearing. They can also see in the dark far better than in the light.

Scientific Name
Gobeline Pestus
30 years
Average height
1 meter
Average weight
5.7 stones
Average physique
Mostly weak, just enough to pick up a sword and swing it.
Body tint, colouring and marking
Green with black marking signifying the hierarchy.

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