Prehistory Palace

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The year is 2124 and an eccentric Quadrillionaire has made both a time portal and the most exciting zoo in the world. Now all that he needs is a team of individuals that will bring his attractions back to the present for him.   This isn't a walk in the park however, as other humans oppose his efforts, worried about what kinds of effects time travelling may have on the present, many groups are prepared to try and sabotage the entire park before it even gets its feet off the ground.   Despite the worries about time travel the government still supports the efforts of the Prehistory Palace company in the name of science (and profits) but won't hesitate to dismantle the entire operation if any truly catastrophic accidents occur.   The other humans are only half the battle however as many of the animals themselves refuse to leave their time of existence without at least trying to turn tail and run in the best case scenario, the worst case scenario often involving large amounts of death occurring to the ranger teams.