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Turgesh Khanate

Militant Khanate focused on conquering and raiding the Pralix kingdoms for magical lore and artifacts of value. After an initially unsuccessful invasion the original Khan Ghongol turned to his shamans to blight the land and cripple its defenders. The horde was then able to quickly gain land from the reeling defenders, pushing as far as Dragon spire in the north and even seizing Summerwind and the terrirory leading up to it.¬†   A crusade was called and many from across the sea rallied to the cause. A major success being the recapture of Summerwind and establishing the Kingdom of Leon. Since then the various petty kingdoms and principalities involved in the initial conflict have been lost through war and decimation of the land. A number of crusades have been launched with varied¬†success and territory being won and lost.


The Khanate focuses more on horde tactics and rapid hit-and-run raids. They also make extensive use of mercenaries and auxiliary units drawn from their empire.

Geopolitical, Empire
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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