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The City of Summerwind

"Amazing, isn't it? Rulers of the most complex city in the world, and yet their meetings are models of efficiency and unity. It's almost as if they knew in advance what the decisions would be... but that would be dishonest, of course." -Inner-court Lawyer

Summerwind is considered to be the largest trading hub in the Pralix and is the greatest of its ports. It is a place of great wealth and great opportunity.Summerwind is vast; a bright spot in an otherwise forlorn and wretched landscape.   With its sacking and occupation by the Turgesh Khanate⁣⁣⁣ much of its previous history is lost, all thats known is that it was was once the capital of whatever previous kingdom ruled this stretch of land. The history of the original kingdom are little more than tall tales told in tap-rooms and educated guesses by scholars poring over crumbling manuscripts. Summerwinders are a practical lot; their city just is, and that's that. As long as it's a profitable place to be, then how it came to be here is of little concern to its average inhabitant. Since its recapture during the last Great Crusade it has been reestablished as the capital to the Republic of Leon . Various patron guilds that supplied new crusaders went on to establish halls in the city that was built with their gold and the blood of their lackeys.


Summerwind is the capital of the Merchantile republic of Leon.Currently run by Queen Ishbel who was elected to the position of trade company representatives that form the rest of the government.   Summerwinders are proud to say that they make their own laws, and see themselves and their city as shining examples of how good things can be. "Let each man have his say, let each tend to his own business, and it'll be clear sailing for all", according to a pralixian proverb. That's how the visitors' bureau says it's supposed to work,at least. The truth, as always, is somewhere else, and it's far darker than even the populace fail to realise. While Summerwinders enjoy more social mobility than others, the city is dominated by a clique of the wealthiest of the wealthy, governing from the smoke-filled lounges of the Export-Import Exchange with no more regard for the common man than a kennel owner has for his dogs.


The Republics only standing force belonging to the state are the Whitecloaks. Though they are decently trained and well equipped, the "cloaks" mostly work as anti-corruption and liaison to the various armed forces belonging to the Guilds. The bulk of armed men and women belong to the Guilds. Each Guild operates their own security forces and each one is fairly distinct from the next, not only in heraldry but in training and equipment.


City has several broad-ways that cris-and-cross across the city connecting every port, warehouse, and guildhall. Between is a labyrinth of alleyways and backstreets.Certainly, one could get where they want to go on foot, but the streets are so narrow, so twisting, it’s easy to get lost, swallowed whole by a city that always hungers for fresh meat. Taverns are spread throughout the city to accommodate the flood of trading merchants and warriors entering the land.

Guilds and Factions

"Sure the guilds are a racket! But the guildmasters came from ordinary folk and they don't forget their own. They may be crooks, but they're our crooks." —Summerwind Resident   The Guilds   Bristleforge Trade Guild⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


Summerwind is situated along the south east coast of the peninsula.

Queen Ishbel
Owning Organization
Republic of Leon
Characters in Location

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