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This is Praemiis!   Praemiis is a placeholder (used to be canon) name for the world of my book, Invicta. It's a project I started like 10 years ago (I was a child, really) and have been reworking it ever since. It has mostly been on hiatus as it suffered abrupt transformations as I grew up, and so more effort is spent in adjusting and refining the writing as I pick it up again after many years. I work on it through a different type of format of presenting, though I'm slowly transfering information to this site and adapting to the layout.   Invicta is a Medieval Fantasy book, with focus on intrigue and political machinations of the different factions. It is perceived through the viewpoint of different characters from the main cast, and how they deal and are affected by the change that is erupting in the world. Here it is to be presented Invicta: Kingdoms, which is the first volume written, but through chronological order is the second one in the series.   After the decline and eventual fall of the Valgurian Empire, the largest and most successful empire the world has ever seen, the lands it once possessed are thrown into absolute chaos and power struggles by the several different factions that emerge. It's the Cataclysm Era, where it is majorly consisting of several tribes/factions reclaiming these lands where they were once contained by the empire, and attempting to achieve dominance and/or survival in the times to come.   That's the synopsis I can think off the top of my head real quick. I don't have an official way of summarising it in an appealing way, so this will suffice for now. It'll probably be very differently presented in the future.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   You will find some articles or excerpts not written in English, but that's because I'm still translating them. Even though I've initially written everything in English, in order to accelerate my writing I've been lately writing everything in the original language. I've hundreds of documents separated in both languages in a wikia format that I will be copying here whenever I have time.

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