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The Lost City of Cosnia (Cosnia)

Write about a lost city in your world that was rediscovered. What was found inside? What is its impact on modern life?       After recent events, including time travel, the Biome Blast Rangers found traces of two separate Ranger belts, within the lost City of Cosnia. Along with several faded parchment scrolls and books, perfectly preserved from the 15th century and detailing a perfect record of modern life.     This has sparked a massive media storm, as the Mystic Force Rangers have been struggling to find out if any of their own ancestors could wield magic.


25% upper class, 75% middle or poor class.   Most of the population were magic users.   High population was educated,


A feudal government, run by an alliance of magic using doctors.


Castle walls, boiling oil, trained guards.

Industry & Trade

Doctor's guild, medical herbs, booms for the wealthy


The same as any other 15th century city.


Cosnia was not a districted city, unless you count the walled gardens, church's and university where the children of wealthy nobles studied.


Storehouses for grain, equipped with the latest 15th century technology.

Guilds and Factions

Cosnia guild ran most of the work here


Started in the year 1220     Was destroyed in 1540, during a Magic War.

Points of interest

Castle walls fortify the town.


The Cosnian Cathedral is a highlight, along with the university.


At first, early Cistercian style art and architecture. The later buildings are more Renaissance era.


On a Riverside plain, with plenty of forests for timber and plants, or hunting for food.


Temperate most of 5he time, apart from autumn and winter, when baking summers and biting winters brought misery to both locals and important guests.

Natural Resources

Water, timber , metals, stones, herbs, grain and livestock.


Founding Date
12th century And on the first spring of the year 1220, during the first of march
1278 thousand people
Inhabitant Demonym

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