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New Progenita (New Pog-en-ita)

Time travel needed.
New Progrnita, was a city in the future year 3999, will be a former utopia for science, that fell on times, as the Mystic Hands brought back their own version of magic and destroyed the Concensus Manipulator that had made such a utopia possible.     "Welcome to New Progenita , the Medical Utopia of the now! If you're in need of treatment, why not let our trained medics help."


The Evolrites are the highest population.


Mostly given orders by the Mayor and their local,MP.


Virus guns.

Industry & Trade

Health care, science


Used to have the most futuristic bio technology imaginable. Very communal driven


The Agronomic district, was open to wanderers.


Healthcare, the finest education money in the future could buy.

Guilds and Factions

Genemonarchs were leaders of the Evolrites.   Mystic Hands are an illegal faction of humans, who were disgusted by the perfect utopia.


2500- A Progenitor called Cosia has a vision of the future, makes a big speech to the Power Rangers Europa. They are sceptical, but their parents decide to go with the flow and donate money to the cause.

Points of interest

The Cosian Concord, a snake themed lake surrounding the city. Lily pad themed water and weather control plants.   Pharmaceutical University, a holo pad educating building.   Communal landlords, no expression of religion, unless you count reference of the Progenitors.


Unlike most of the late 35th century earth, the New Progenitors used biogenetic growing methods infused into holographic architecture, to literally grow a perfect, safe city for mutants. Indeed, it was a Cybernetic, solarpunk paradise for humans, aliens and robots alike.


Built on the ruins of Old Progenita, an almost 1990s cold scentific vision of Italy and Greece's future by Doctor Hypos Crates. Old Progenita was destroyed by the Pure Human League in the year 3000.

Natural Resources

Mostly bio created by super science, but no magic.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
The Genetic City
12567 people
Inhabitant Demonym

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