Suxing is a common drink used as a stimulant by species across the world. Created from theĀ Zing Tube plant found in most water-rich areas in the world it provides a nutrient and wonderful beverage. Many scholars, dock workers, night patrols, and many other tired peoples rely on Suxing to stay awake and alert.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

As a drink Suxing contains rich blood likes substances that enrich the blood stream of most material plane creatures. This in compliment to the fact that its said to open ones 'pores to the weave' and while not fully understood the magical exposure brings energy and vigor for a few hours. A low addictiveness is inherent but this is mostly due to the body underproducing needed wakeful chemicals and magical energies due to Suxings subsidizing of it over long usage.

Manufacturing process

Zing Tubes can have their central base cut out to a depth of 1-2cm allowing for their raw Suxing liquid to drip from the base and into a container. After this, that raw liquid is stirred to mix with any spices, and heated to boiling. Make sure to put a lid on any boiling raw Suxing as the vapors need to fall back onto the liquid. After boiling and allow it to cool with a lid on filter the liquid through a thin mesh of any kind and you will have created Suxing in its final state!


Suxing is a longstanding substance that has been around almost as long as people have gotten quite enough sleep.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Found across the world where water is plentiful or in easy supply.
1.03 g/ml
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Liquid trapping apparatus such as pumps or viles are often used. It may be quicker to simply cut the plant down to its base and pour the liquid into a bowl.


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