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Post-Cataclysm Allocai (Allocai 3.0 v2)

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Editorial Team

The heroes of men succeeded in felling the Dark Beast, Rovagug, But he would exact his price, their lives, causing their names and legacy to fade from the annals of history.   Pharasma, traveled in her reaper persona to reap each of the gods in turn. However, they agreed to return to the heavens. Ao and his brother killed each other, and now the 'lesser' gods are keeping everything in balance. Which limits their interference on the mortal realm.   With those heroes dead and gone, Hallash began to truly thrive, and the darkness of the Empire swallowed most of the land whole.   And here, our wayward adventurers start, in the small town of Atstead that had been spared the ravages of war, but little do they know, that darkness is on the horizon.

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