Summonlings is a game of skill and combat. Any number of magicians can participate in a game, but each must be capable of creating golems, summoning beings imbued with simulated life so they can engage in a combat to destruction.  



A neutral territory is selected for the event. The terrain of the territory is important and often varied, as part of the skill of the game is in creating golems that are appropriate for survival in and use of the terrain they're in. The size of the terrain should be roughly twenty-five square meters per participant.  

Setup Phase

The first part of the competition is the setup phase, in which golems are created. Each magician is supplied with a simple wooden container, one cubic meter in volume. The setup phase consists of ten minutes in which the participants are allowed to magic any appropriate golems into their starting box. Interfering with opponents boxes and golems directly is not allowed, with referees spelled to detect such cheating.  


Golems should be created entirely within the setup phase, not pre-created and teleported into the starting box. Golems may be imbued with limited intelligence, and should not be controlled directly by any true intelligence. Golems should be created from the magician's imagination and non-living elements, and no real creature, live or dead, should be used.   Each participant is allowed any number of golems, as long as at any time those golems and any debris from those golems can all fit within the cubic meter starting block.  

Attack Phase

After the setup phase, the boxes are opened and all created golems are free to attack. At this point, the golems should be self-sufficient, and not require any interference from the magician. The referees watch again for cheating and can disqualify participants if any is discovered.   During this phase, the magician is allowed to modify their golems, but only for golems that are within the starting box.   During this phase, the purpose of the game is for golems to disable and destroy all opposing golems.  


The competition ends when only a single golem remains mobile.  


Major cities on Murriet have arenas built for this sport. The arena can be partitioned into a variety of sizes, and are planned with different sections of varying terrain types available.

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