Spell: Create Food


This spell allows the magician to create food.  



A magician creates food by the materelization of food items. This makes an item that did not previously exist.  

Common Side Effects

A common belief is that you can't get something from nothing, so an expected side effect of this spell is that something else will cease existing. This may be anything from rocks or water to the actual ingredients that might be used to physically cook the food being created.   The more similar to the food the destroyed component is, the eaiser this spell normally is to cast--people generally find it easier to believe that flour becomes bread, or even wheat becomes bread, than they do that rocks become bread.  

Relevant Science

Some knowledge of biology and chemistry will affect food creation magic. Better understanding of how the component parts are combined into the final product will make the spell easier and the final outcome more correct.   Knowledge of alchemy can also affect this type of spell.  

Fundamental Principles

Cooking is a fundamental principle of this type of spell.  

Preventative Knowledge

No knowledge has been found that significantly affects the ability to cast this spell generally. Knowledge of specific types of food or ingredients in a dish may make specializations of this spell more difficult to cast.  


Create Food is specialized for different types of food or different quantities of food being created. Better knowledge of the ingredients, taste, texture, or other properties of a dish can make the dish more closely resemble that of the proper final product. Better knowledge of the recipes needed to cook dishes (temperature and time, for example) can make the dish more closely resemble that of the proper final product.   Any of this knowledge also makes the dish more difficult to create (although the end product will be more "correct").


This spell allows a magician to conjur food.


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