Spell: Change Flavor


This spell allows the magician to affect the flavor of a target object.  


Flavor changing happens via one of these methods:  


A magician can affect the flavor of a substance by changing the underlying material and affect whatever property of that material is creating the taste.  

Common Side Effect

A common side effect of this type of Fortitude spell is that the substance itself will change. This may change the color, texture, or other property along with changing the flavor.  


The flavor of a substance can be changed by changing, for that object, by changing the "idea" of taste. For example, the "grape" taste for a grape may be changed such that it's percieved to be or interpreted as the flavor of an orange. This doesn't affect the substance's composition, but rather changes how the substance interacts.  

Common Side Effects

A common side effect of this type of effect would be that more items taste similarly. That is, it is more difficult to change the taste of a specific object and more likely to change the taste of a class of objects.   Related, it's also possible that this spell may change the taste of a paired object to taste like the target. In the grape-to-orange taste example above, a side effect may be that an orange then tastes like a grape.  

Relevant Science

Knowledge of biology and chemistry to further understand scent and taste are related to this magic.  

Fundamental Principles

Scent and taste are fundamental principles of this spell.  

Preventative Knowledge

The more understanding of taste and the chemistry and/or biology of both the object being changed and the taste being created, the more difficult the spell is to cast, but also the harder the spell is for others to disbelieve.  


Understanding specific tastes allows for a better simulation of those tastes as well as makes it easier to replace that taste with something else.


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