Divine Emswortian Lineage

Original Origins is the best historical account of the origins of humanity on Poneren. In 703, a new document was discovered and added to this canon which was used by the kings of Emswort to claim divine status.   As part of this belief, the kings during that period encouraged a belief that they, being gods, had themselves created the world and everything in it. The claim by these kings is that their family line's magical abilities were powerful enough that they weren't able just to affect a world that already existed, but that they had been capable of creating a world from nothing.  

Myth Problems

Magical Knowledge

The history of the discovery of magic itself has been lost to history and exists only as myths and stories. However, all of these myths since early in the first magical age agreed on one important point: humanity had not always known magic. There was some time during which people had to rely on their wits and technology to survive.   Survival during those times was difficult, but that time did exist. With Emswort having already been founded during the time of the discovery of magic, it's not possible for the Emswort kings to have created Poneren before the discovery of magic.  


The standard rebuttal to this was that although people in general didn't know of magic, it both existed, and was known by the kings. They obviously would have kept this knowledge secret, until it was independently discovered and unable to be contained any longer.  

Side Effects

All magic has side-effects. This is generally well known and believed. The suggestion that an entire world could be created from nothing is itself unbelievable without some sort of side effects to prove the magic that had to have happened.  


There are two standard rebuttals to this argument:
  1. The moons were the side-effects, the junk that was created that didn't actually belong as part of Poneren.
  2. It's magic. If they're powerful enough, of course they could make something from nothing.

Historical Basis

Governor Erran Emswort was the captain of the ship that brought people to Poneren and the first governor of the first settlement on Poneren.   The actual Emswort Lineage is significantly less divine.


For a few hundred years starting ~700, it was spread widely across Murriet.
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