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A Treatise on the Limitations of Magic

The Treatise on Limitations of Magic is a private document written by the Teles Council for the King of Emswort in Mid-Summer of 95. This document was written to give insight and advice into how to limit the use of magic.   By the year 95, it had become obvious that without any intervention, magic would make the world unlivable, as seedy elements could use magic to do anything, with little chance of being stopped by the law.   The Teles Council was tasked by the King of Emswort to devise a method by which law and order could be maintained. This document was the result.   The original treatise was read only by the Council members directly involved in its creation and by first the King of Emswort, and then by the kings of Darter and Tiveley.


To devise a method by which magic could be given limitations.
Manual, Magical / Occult


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