The Orc Invasion of Seconvale

Military action

1/9 20:00
2/9 2:00

The war between the orc tribelands of the outlands, and seconvale, lasting only a single siege over a single night.

Just after nightfall, the orc army of the outlands assaulted the kingdom of Drakenvald with their newest capital, Seconvale. The orcs charged the castle, setting up ladders to assault, as well as assaulting the main gait. Meantime, smaller groups of orcs snuck into the sewer system, but were met by a mobile task force lead by the local drow population, that took out the attempted flank.

During this time, at the main gate, a warforged on the side of the orcs appeared, and completely decimated the front gate. after a successfull push back against the encroaching hoard, the city sent a small group of fighters deep into enemy lines to kill the encroaching warlord. After a fierce battle, and what appeared to be a one sided dual, his own commanders turned on him, making Hruskra, a younger female orc, the warlord of the outlands. She called back her troops, denied making payments to the city, and had her combined tribes go back north into the outlands, collecting food along the way.


Seconvale Losses: 900 soldiers, 13 small businesses Outlands Losses: 1500 soldiers