The Worm of Gulantium

A bizarre, slow-moving creature, about 50 feet long, comes sloshing through a shallow swamp. Shaped like a snake or worm, and covered in ivory plates the color of bleached bone, it takes little notice of its surroundings. Its massive, crested head resembles the gnarled skull of a titanic archdevil.

Basic Information


The creature stands at a gargantuan 50ft long with a body a mixture between a snake and that of a worm. It has a hard outer shell like that of a worm, but with skeletal form similar to that of a snake. Its head alone the size of defensive fortifications, its head is in the form of a skull, with large tusks, and horns protruding in a strange arc. The individual sections of the worm are covered in ivory plates, bleached to the color of bone, even avoiding the staining muck that it froths through. At the end of its body lies a small stinger, that it can whip around at great speeds to poison its opponent, sapping their strength.

Genetics and Reproduction

This species does not reproduce, and upon death for this immortal creature, its body vanishes, to appear again somewhere in Gulantium.

Ecology and Habitats

This creature only lives and thrives in one place, the swamps of Gulantium, seeking out devils and devouring them relentlessly as its primary source of food.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The worm can eat anything, however its only goal in its existance is to devour devils. Mortals may approach and be eaten as well, but only if the worm decides they can.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Because of its huge properties and its abilities as a worm, it can detect anything touching the same ground as it up to 60 feet away, regardless on if it is hidden or not. It also has a sense of smell, which can tell the difference between mortals and not.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

With mortals, a worm of Gulantium has a Symbiotic relationship with any who choose to be eaten by the creature. Upon allowing themselves to be consumed, a mortal will be able to walk directly into the worms stomach, and be digested for a short period of time, before being excreted. The excriment from this process is actually quite valuable for mortals, as upon consuming it, a mortal will be able to avoid nearly all the damage from the realm of Liboscula. It is said that there are additional effects to those who make the decision to be eaten as well, though the rumors are unprecidented.


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