The Fat Mermaid Tavern

The Fat Mermaid has been a staple in Seconvale for the past six years. Opened by Helmund, an ex adventurer, he wanted to make a tavern to finally retire and earn himself a comfortable living. The Mermaid houses five official rooms, a sixth unofficial room for employees to spend the night, and Helmunds room, totaling seven beds. In times of need however, Helmund has fifteen makeshift cots that he can use to house people. The inn is known for average booze, but the absolute best food for its price, as well as its rare, but welcome bands that perform. The inn is a one story tall timber framed building with a peaked roof with green shingles. Hewn logs make up the walls over the stone foundation. The front door is a beautiful ash wood with a glass pane allowing one to view inside of the tavern. The pane is decorated with the fat mermaid logo. On the right side of the tavern is an area that patrons can tie up their horses, with a viewing area from the kitchen to allow minor security. The long side of the building has five glass windows, allowing a moderate amount of light into the tavern, as well as a large bay window next to the door. Each of them slightly frosted to allow light but limited visibility. The tavern is currently tended too by the bartender "Auraj." A skinny black half dragon who just enjoys keeping to himself. The irony on working in a tavern previously owned by a dragonslayer is not lost on him.

Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Seconvale, The City of Smiles