Instantaneous Transportation for select individuals between two points.


Upon completion of the spell, the caster and a select amount of items or people are teleported to where the caster set up a location.

Side/Secondary Effects

Allthough rare, Mishaps are known to happen from time to time, dealing instantaneous damage to the creatures and items being teleported.


In most cases, a Teleportation will be instantaneous, only with a flash of light or dark bringing those affeced to their location without issue.

Material Components
Chalk or other writing mediums.
Gestures & Ritual

The caster must speak aloud the name of the place to be teleported too, in addition to mentally thinking of the area in as much detail as they can during the utterance of the spell.

In addition to this, spellcasters who have knowledge of Teleportation Circles will be given the opportunity to use chalk or other writing mediums in order to create the teleportation circle destination. This will prevent any mishap if the circle is correct, and always go to the exact same place. Never within a solid object. Allthough, this does make the teleportation last ten minutes instead of just a word and mental image. The circle must be drawn by hand, and not copied, however the circle pressed into a scroll would give the same effect.
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