Technocracy of Xotor

A country primarily founded by gnomes, the Technocracy is structured around the ideals of ensuring that problems of the country are figured out by those who best know, or can resolve those problems.


Completely different from other empires found throughout the globe, Xotor society is formed around specializations, and funding of education around solving problems in an expedient manner. Similar to many societies throughout pondera, there are major houses that own wide swaths of land, and property. However, these houses are usually the product of a long industrial or scientific career, providing great leaps and bounds of scientific progress to the country as a whole. These houses come with great family names and can usually be found throughout the country assisting with the assorted affairs the kingdom has to offer. These houses are usually founded, or run by the ruler of Xotor, usually called "The Architect." The Architect is little more than a title which grants respect ,and is only given to the current party that is ruling to solve the current crisis of the technocracy at large, until the new issue of Xotor is voted upon. The third rank, considered the underbelly of the xotor would be its judicial branch. A set of scholars within the capital city of Nauka, performing and discussing theoretical crimes and issues throughout society, and making laws for the country at large. These scholars are considered the 'Judicators.' The fourth rank of Xotor would go to the owners of land themselves, as they make up the primary presence of what Xotor does, and what can be allowed throughout the region. Beneath the land owners, are the pesentry, which makes up the majority of xotor in of itself, at about 80%.

Public Agenda

Starting out as an experiment split off kingdom from Kingdom of Steisen , The Technocracy has proven itself successful by allowing the outside world between the Mioiarann Mountains to flourish by focusing on issues throughout the lands in a smaller area instead of being under the iron thumb of the kingdom under the mountains. Xotor wants to improve the lives of the people living within Xotor at any and all costs above all else, and their current allies and biggest trade partners, Steisen seccond.


Owns land covering several large islands on the continent. This includes:
  • 1/2 the Stones Root Forest
  • the upper, and most resource rich section of the Crystal River


Founded 300 years after the creation of Kingdom of Steisen, the king was approached by a gnome with a strange idea on a form of government taking place just outside the steps of Steisen. Ensuring that the king had taken a belly full of beer, the gnome brought his proposal for the kingdom and convinced the king to sign over the land, so long as appropriate taxes were paid. Thanks to his shrewd business dealings and a couple of well hidden clauses in what he enacted the king to sign, this gnome, ended up taking all lands between the Mioiarann Mountains for his new venture. This gnome was called Xotor Tegigan.

By our people, we decide

Founding Date
Brolugo 4, 350
Geopolitical, Country
Steinian, Hillians, Xodors
Government System
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
Called the "Judicators," by which they judge actions and create laws based on those actions, both theoretical and factual. The Judicators sole duty is to create laws to help expidite the process of fixing issues throughout Xotor, and assisting those living within Xotor. The Judicators are a large group of scholars and law experts from around the country, and in laws from outside of Xotor, who spend the majority of their time speaking with one another to create the laws they wish to uphold. Most laws, due to the somewhat chaotic nature of Xotor, tend to have a time limit for how long they are to last for, in case of changing times or social acceptance.
Judicial Body
Because of the countries huge deliverance and expectations on improving society as a whole, they leave the judicial matters to both The Order of the Stone, and the Kingdom of Steisen. They allow them both to operate within the laws of the kingdom of Steisen as neccessary, and the order of the stone, to fill in gaps in security where the order does not. In times of warfaring crisis, a militia is quickly brought together to uphold international laws and treaties.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations


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