Summon Monster

Summoning a creature bound to you is considered the pinnacle of conjuration magic. The various abilities that one has with summoning a monster is overwhelmingly large, and one should take care of the creatures they summon, less they turn against you.


Upon completion of the spell, a creature bound to service you appears before you, ready to serve.

Side/Secondary Effects

Depending on the creature summoned, there will be a smell that permiates the area for a while dependant on the creature summoned. For an evil creature, there will always be a smell of sulfur. For a lawful creature, the smell of paper, for a chaotic creature, the smell of copper, similar to blood. For a good creature, it smells of ozone. These effects can stack, and can be easilly determined.


Easily the most noticable manifestation, a summoned, named creature appears where you indicate.


Creatures summoned from this spell hold the power of the realm they were summoned from. Weither from the beastlands or from a higher power, that has been speculated upon for centuries.


Discovered by Belia Shinescale while researching similar spells.

Material Components
The spell requires two items in order to be able to be used. Firstly, the spell requires a small bag. Inside this bag should be the name of the creature to be summoned to the spellcaster. This is to allow the magics of the world to locate this creature in the divine planes. Secondly, the caster requires a candle, in order to act as a beacon for the magic to find its way back to the summoner themselves. Without both of these, the spell will fail.
Gestures & Ritual
In order to cast the spell, the spellcaster must have a bond with the summoned creature via the Summoners Greeting. Otherwise, the ritual requires and expends magic upon waving a hand over a summoners bag while chanting verses specific to the summon itself, and placing a candle atop the bag to summon the monster in question. All of this to take place within 6 secconds.
Related School
Related Element
Air, Chaos, Earth, Evil, Fire, Good, Law, Water. Entirely dependant on the creature summoned.
Applied Restriction
The spell has restrictions entirely based on the creature summoning it. For example, clerics of an evil god cannot summon a creature of good nature, and vice versa. Creatures who require water to live, cannot be summoned in a desert. A summoner may only have one of these spells active at one time as well, having to dismiss the summon in order to gain a new one.


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