Session 27: Underparty Report

General Summary

After their time brousing the different stalls and assorted merchants of the city, Naomi reminds and brings the party to where she recalls the gala at the college. Other than the dorms, the entire college itself is closed down.
Nobody really changes their garments, with Naomi's pristeen and pressed full clerical garb, Ayames traditional clothing, Eleanors fish out of water wild look, and Ragia wearing an impecible gown as always. The party makes their way to the college, finding people they had previously seen dueling midair collapsed in exaustion near the final steps to the college hallways themselves. The streetlights lighting up, revealing small fireworks and still dancing figures etched into the glass of the lights themselves.
Within the halls of the college as they enter, numerous people chat away wearing fancy robery and makeup, with a posh borish demeanor permiating throughout the halls themselves as gentle somewhat orchestral music plays for the hoity toity guests within the doors. Eleanor instantly loaths this gala for numerous reasons, but not for any magical effects, just being in her nature on this type of people.
Naomi even recognizes a few ambassadors from Drakenvald that she remembers her mother working with as a child and approaches one with a warm hello.
"Why hellooooooo dear, isn't this just magestic? I'm amazed that the shadowdirk family finally opened their doors to some class in this college." They say with a wine fueled chorkle.
After a short conversation with this drunken high society diplomat, she learns that in every kingdom around the world, diplomats and rulers alike are concerned about the starts, with the latest news being that there are gnomish inventors trying to gather funding and resources to put stars back into the sky until the issue is resolved again. Many kindoms debate with each other if they should bring back the stars or not, alongside with rumors from The Kingdom of Baal on if the gods themselves will take the world back to where they can have stars again.
"Put stars in the sky?!" Naomi says in awe.
"I don't know why they thought to do so either, but aparently it has some justification. I don't follow gnome politics much, too much to unpack in such a complex chaotic system." The diplomat says as the rest of the party has long since moved on to find food and beverage.
"Well, on to more mundane topics, ironically yenough. Do you know whats going on at the borders around here? My mother was even deployed as a diplomat."
"Ahh that was a border skirmish on the northern end of gwillith in The Wildlands. Seems that the outlands is trying to get some raiding done. Speaking of your mother, tell her that she needs to get back to the drakenvald trade union about some protection work from Rhamnasia regarding eastern trade would you dear? Meanwhile, I have a matter to discuss from the wonderful lady of Grantidia just over yonder, TATA!" They say moving away to hop into a conversation with a woman in an overly dramatic, some would say gaudy ballgown.
While Nahemah was keeping the diplomat busy, Eleanor was searching the party for some sort of way to numb the dull pain of this 'gala' she was dragged into. She finds a few people walking around with tall, thin glasses of bubbly liquid looking bored out of their mind. Letting out a sigh of relief, Eleanor approaches one. "Evenin, mind if I ask where you got them drinks? I depserately need one here, I'm sure you understand."
The bored servant looks to Eleanor, "You... Aren't a diplomat... Adventurer yes?" They say quietly to Eleanor.
After a brief moment of contemplation Eleanor gives a soft shrug. "I suppose you could call me that, wandering freelancers are basically adventurers."
The servant nods and hands them a full glass of bubbly liquid and a papyrus card. "Follow the instructions. Take your friends with you and save yourself from this god awful fate... This is punishment detail..." He says walking away without elaborating any further.
"Huh-oh and they're gone..." She says raising a brow, looking at the card while taking a drink, which she finishes off if one gulp as she reads, "Underparty. Place this card on any stairwell in the college."
Eleanor gives a light gasp, excited at this new prospect as she pockets the card and makes their way to Ragia, sneaking as many meat skewers off of a plate from one of the servants as they can manage, five sticks poking out from their mouth as they gnaw on some meat. "Hey ragia." Eleanor whispers, "Ya ever hear of an underparty?"
Ragia whispers back. "Never heard of it, and I had ears everywhere when I was at the academy. I mean that literally, I stole a couple minor magic items used for listening at a distance so I could hear every reaction to someone falling into one of my traps" They say with a sly evil giggle. "This is probably something new, but I can't say if it's safe or not, plus I don't know how headmistress violet would react if she can't find Naomi."
At that time, Naomi and Ayame both return to the other two, Ayame with a drink in hand, smiling happilly as Sebastian escorted her the entire time, sticking out like a sore thumb in such a place.
Eleanor rubs her chin in thought. "Hm... Well I personally would like to go. Seems like its something for people who wanna party but not with these dippies. Plus the guy who gave me this gave me a drink too! Its a bit of a prissy drink but its a good sign right??"
"W-well, I think we would have to make sure to be back for the actual main meal thing... I think we are supposed to be sitting up at violets table! or at least Naomi is." Ayame says.
Ragia ponders Eleanors question," It is questionable to be honest... almost looks like my usual bait and trap, but at least I can admit it'll be more exciting than this, especially for you."
"Now that I think of it, I haven't seen violet or her wife tonight..." Ayame ponders.
"mmh, I...i'm sorry you all but I don't think I have it in me to miss this..." Naomi says as one of the servants in a corner of the gala folds a baloon animal and uses magic to animate it to the amusement of the drunk diplomats gathered.
"Well if we find her in the underparty I'll definitely come back to pick you up. Sound good Naomi?" Ragia says with a warm smile.
Eleanor adds, "Yeah I've never gotten into a party I haven't been able to bash out of with a stool or three. We'll be fine." She says as in another corner another servant unfolds a hankerchief into a dove to the applause of those gathered.
Naomi pouts and sighs. "No... no I'll go. I doubt Violet would want to be up here... It'd be just like her to have a secret party."
Ayame nods to Naomi before looking to Eleanor. "Lead on then?"
Eleanor leads the party to a set of stairs just outside of sight from the main 'gala' they stumbled into. Placing the card against the stairs, the stairs themselves dissolve, showing a circular staircase decending into blackness. For some reason, they can hear inviting, rhythmic sounds from the darkness below as Ragia and eleanor immediately run down the stairs excitedly.
"Oh god. This is exactly Violet's aesthetic. I guess it's a good thing I came..." The say before starting to descend the staircase."

Chaos is unyielding as the party decends the staircase. The rhytmic sounds becoming louder and louder, as they approach what they assume to be the bottom. Lights start to flash in numerous colors from a doorway as well as incessant noise of people talking over each other. Its when they round the final turn they enter into the source of chaos underneeth the college.
Before the party is a practical ocean of people, dancing and shooting off sparks of fire and different colors of light in a giant group of partygoers. In the very center of the room, two wolf like creatures are taking pot shots at one another in a bare knuckle brawling fight, and several teeth already litter the circle around them, but quickly grow back. along the edges of the room are numerous tables, with large tankards all over the place, and even one is spilled out on the side onto a table, infinitely pouring out into the mouth of a goblin, belly distended from drinking a large quantity already. At one of the tables is violet, yawning as she is arm wrestling an orc with her metalic hand with the orc struggling to even try moving the thing, but violet is enjoying the attention she is getting.
At the very back of the room is the source of the music. A large chain of soot blackened skeletons support a creature with 6 skeletal arms holding 3 strange objects, quickly bouncing between them and they make the noises on different sections of the square boxes. The creature itself is unknown, but there is a potato sack on its head, with two large Xs painted on to represent eyes. Above him also supported by the blackened skeletons it says "Undeadmallow"
Blackened lights also swivel throughout the makeshift arena, revealing magical tattoos on just about everyone in strange and decorative configurations.
Naomi pushes through the croud straight towards Violet excitedly. Violet sees this and gasps in delight, slamming the orcs hand to the table, his arm breaking in the process. "Muffin!" violet cries out as she hugs Naomi, catching her and ignoring the orc screaming about his broken arm.
Naomi jumps into Violets arms hugging her tight, while Eleanor looks extactic, following behind the cleric. "Shit nao, your aunt knows how to party." She says as one of the wolves leaves a massive gash in his opponents face, revealing brain matter before it heals up again, with the fighting continuing.
Naomi nuzzles into violet happilly. "She does! She always throws the best parties!" She says before looking to Violet. "Gosh auntie, where's Espeaux?"
Violet laughs slightly towards eleanor. "While I do love the riches my position afforded me, I enjoy spending time with other adventurers like myself... and she is everywhere~" She says before raising a hand, using magic to float drinks and food into the hands of the party members, before taking a moment to cheer at a particularly bloody moment in the fight.
Naomi takes a drink from the tankard given to her, and as she drinks, it continuously fills up with cheep, infinitely sourced beer. Eleanor drinks as well, "Well, I appreciate havin access to somethin like this, Nao's our groups adorable lil socialite for us usually. I'm not built for the diplomatic types."
Naomi bllushes and sips at her beer more. "I-i'm not that adorable..."
Violet pinches Naomi's cheeks, "Of course you are!~ You and all your friends are, but especially you~"
Espeaux appears, wearing a different outfit from her ceremonial garb earlier. This time wearing a dark and deep blue floofy dress and a black veil over their face, with a crown of black flowers to hold it in place. Their arms glow from magical tattoos as she picks up Violets tankard and takes a sip, smiling to everyone. "She never did like talking to people. That was my forte, but today, I wanted to have fun."
Violet smiles lovingly to Espeaux as they approach. "Its true, she was always the diplomatic one." Eleanor scratches her cheek at the compliment from Violet. "Well, I dunno about calling me adorable, but Ayame and Ragia are."
Naomi looks to Espeaux with a smile. "Hey Aunt Espeaux! Its good to see you again! Congradulations on today by the way."
Espeaux nods in approval. "Hard work was its own reward." They say before watching the crowd of people dance. "Illusion magic is so handy. I just got back from putting our doubles down upstairs. They are drunk enough even automated responses won't blow our cover my love." They say giving Violet a gentle kiss on the cheek.
"Wow, Well you've always been a bit crafty auntie." naomi says.
Violet smiles at Espeaux kiss. "Ah perfect! Hopefully Rea doesn't catch on." They say with a wink at Naomi. "Or else she may find her precious child having fun down here."
"No I've always been brilliant. Crafting is Violet's specialty." Espeaux says to Naomi. "Why make items that others can take when imagination and skill are more than enough."
Violet nods to Espeaux. "Yes, but without the support of the guild my greatest creations wouldn't exist."
Naomi rolls her eyes. "If my mom knew I was here Id be hiding right about now." naomi says as a tooth flies from the immortal combat in the ring, landing directly in Eleanors drink. Easilly, she identifies it as a canine, but also a molar. To which she pulls the tooth out of her drink, and examining it wile also continuing to drink, curious on the combat as its going.
"So where are the intrepid adventurers going after this?" Violet says as she waves a hand causing a wave of magic to alter the lightshow slightly.
"Mmh, good question? We went out of our way to be here for you along with my friends academy exam. Most likely we'll go where our kobold wants to go next."
Ayame nods, "I-I actually have an idea of where I need to go next as well..." She says as the crowd starts chanting "HEAD BUT HEAD BUT HEAD BUT!" as the two wolves start grappling with one another and head butting each other one at a time before they both collapse onto the ground, slowly getting back up and rubbing their heads before going back to tearing each other limb from limb.
"Well that's good," Violet says. "I wish I could have roamed a bit more when I was your ages, I spent most of my time in Seconvale."
"It didn't help that I made it a better capital city while we were there." Espeaux says taking another sip of violets drink.
"And then they kicked us out!" Violet saysy with mock exasperation.
Eleanor points to the fight looking back to the group. "That fight's pretty wild, they volunteers or somethin? Lotta willpower to get endlessly torn apart like that and still fightin."
"Slaves." Espeaux says to Eleanor. "The winner gets freedom, but they are unknowingly both getting freedom today." She says to Eleanor before chuckling at Violet. "We walked out when the time was right, and you still got to become a queen, even my queen."
Violet blushes and nods, "Y-yes that I did. It was good in the end. From slave to queen is quite the transformation in such a small amount of time~"
"Only queen by technicalities." Espeaux says with a smug gaze.
After a long conversation about the next steps, the conversation turns to gifts that the leaders of the nation would be willing to offer, with talks about teleportation, and a favor from Ayame.
"Actually... I was cursed by a stall at the fair today... Could you remove it?" They ask the leaders nervously.
Eseaux looks over ayame, casting a spell and looking over them with a raised brow. "hmmm... one of those curses eh? A few people came to the college about it, but... I know im one of the few people who can remove it as well."
Ayame sighs with relief. "I would really appreicate it, this would make making magical items much easier if my tools wouldn't break onf me."
"Why is such a dangerous curse even allowed in the city?" Ragia says.
"Based on what I heard," Espeaux says, "It sounded like gambling. Gambling is allowed within the city. So miss, what am I going to get for removing your curse?" Espeaux says, turning to Ayame.
Ayame pouts. "U-uhm, well i'm not sure I have anything that a queen would want... Once I learn how to make magic items I could make you something."
Espeaux gives a light smile. "Than ill make an offer. There are rumors of someone hoarding artifacts on the western continent. If you can go confirm those rumors, than that is worth the curse being removed. If you can find the collection, well... that alone might be worth some additional benefits."
Ayame nods. "Sounds like a deal to me."
Espeaux holds out a hand, and massive wave of magical energy sures between her and Ayame. "You have one year to confirm the rumors of an artifacct hoarder. As payment, I will immediately remove your curse. Should you fail, you will weaken after the year is over till you simply... wither away. Are the terms acceptable?"
" about I just try to figure it out, and once I come back with a hoard of artifacts you can remove it." Ayame says with a smile.
Espeaux looks to violet. "How would you feel about sending a student that breaks magical items out into the world to hunt artifacts?"
Violet raises a brow. "I wouldn't feel very good about that at all."
"I mean, who would ever choose to die if they can't handle a quest that the queen of a magical kingdom hasn't managed to get done yet?" Ragia says with a twinge of spite.
"You mean, who would accept the ability to teleport anywhere in the world to find out if rumors are true about someone within a year. not even needing to confirm where the artifacts are, just that they exist? within an entire year? I would take that bet. Anyone who couldn't do it is simply lazy. The fact im giving you a year is because I don't know your experience with the outside world, nor trust your capacity for talking to people like I can." Espeaux says.
Ayame sighs and shakes Espeaux's hand. "Its a deal." They say feeling a little disheartened.
Ayames curse flaots out from between the handshake, with Espeaux taking it hand as it glows a malicious looking foggy color. "Meanwhile, this has some interesting properties I want to explore as well. Send me a message when yo uconfirm the rumors, no need to return back to the college before then."
Ragia grumbles loud enough for Espeaux to hear. "it's not everywhere in the world it's just a one time fast travel to a place we already want to go which has no link to said mission, and i still say that if you're giving us this mission, it's because your servants failed at it, wich by default make it a big deal."
Ayame shushes Ragia. "Its ok, I'm sure we will be fine."
"Its difficult because the rumors come from a land that has been battling Anguish for centuries, making it difficult to confirm rumors, let alone a location." Espeaux says.
"Guess the fact i was able to lay traps everywhere for so long before getting caught prove intelligence is not this kingdom's forte."
Espeaux looks directly to ragia, waving her hand in a spell. The room goes dark and in ragias vision, only her and espeaux exist. She approaches Ragia and looks her dead in the eye, squatting and looking at her. "the fact today is my wedding day is making me a little charitable today. The fact my wife decided that you get to rejoin the college is something that I don't really care about. But do not think that I like you little one, I could wipe you off the face of the earth and there would be applause. Would you die? No. violet would be upset to let that happen. Instead, you would never get to become the dragon you always wanted to be. you would never get to achieve your destiny, and instead see your friends slowly start to progress to a point you literally can't reach them. Because ill place you as a tiny little guardian cherub, watching over your friends and family until all you see left of them is their rotting corpse.
Why do I say this? Because your fucking glitter bombs were such a pain in my ass to clean up, It still irks me to this day. Do not test my patience, nor my commitment to making my wife happy, because you will find im at my limit shortstack."
Ragia gulps down and nods weakly to the display, "Yes mam..." The rest of the party, and Violet merely see Espeaux staring daggers at ragia.
"Thats better." Espeaux says with a smile looking back to the rest of the group.
"Well it would be nice if we could know something about where we have to go, any clues you have already gathered." Ayame says.
"When you desire, we can send you to as close as we have been able to determine. It looks like the person in question is somewhere in Cinerosa, but the specifics beyond that are a bit rough."
After a bit more discussion, and the lack of information about the other side of the world, the party departs from one another, with Naomi and Eleanor drinking themselves into a stupor.
-------------------------   DATE: Vamendour 9/625
The next morning, Naomi wakes up in a nobles outfit they never wore before, with a document in hand stating, "Naomi Dai'Gishkin, this document provided acknowledges your election results into becoming the religious representative for the gem mines of Orzhov."
Eleanor wakes up realizing she now has a pet miniature horse, just large enough to carry her haversack.
After meeting back up with one another, healing from their partying and shennanigans, they meet up with Violet and Espeaux back at the college grounds who both look happy and refreshed. "Have you all made a final decision as to where you are going?" Espeaux says. "If it helps... Going to drakenvald like you talked about last night, you should be able to find another wizard able to teleport you places from Kaelyn's guild within the area."
"I think..." Ayame says, "We are going to go look for those artifacts first..."
Eleanor, still looking fairly stressed nods in agreement. "I'd like to get that over with as quickly as possible, agreed... That and I have no clue who that is... strange name."
"Alright!" Espeaux says. "We can send you to the capital then. Scalare. Shouldn't be any issues whatsoever."
Ayame smiles and nods, "Ah, the carriage can go too right?"
Espeaux nods in return. "We can even put you in the middle of town. Avoid the guards and everything."
Ayame giggles a tad. "Alright fine... well... everyone ready?" They say looking to everyone. With that an agreement is reached.
Espeaux starts casting the spell to teleport the party and all of their gear, and as soon as the spell is almost cast, the party finds that violet had dissapeared and reappeared for the blink of an eye. In everyones hands is a little bag of 2000gp and a little note that says "Stay safe, good luck, and thanks for saving my books!"
And with that, the party teleports over to Cinerosa. Espeaux turns to violet. "Think I was too harsh with casting quest?" Violet shrugs, and the two walk away, continuing on with their duties.

Rewards Granted

The party gained 2000gp each.

Missions/Quests Completed

@ayam removed her curse, but in exchange they were to hunt down the knowledge of a man with artifacts that pre date the consumption, and confirm that the rumors were true.

Created Content

Tankard of Endless Ale, based on the Everfull Mug from the Magic Item Compendium.
The Tides That Bind Us
Ragia Raflesia
Ayame Shiori
1-Level Wizard 5-Level Incanter 4-Level Wraith
Nahemah Dai'Gishkin
Eleanor Primrose
2:Psychic Warrior-Level Fighter 2-Level Barbarian
Report Date
18 Aug 2022


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