Seraph are humanoid creatures with the bloodline of both mortal humanoids and celestials. More often than not, the Seraph are decendents of humans and Angels specifically. This union between beings leads to creatures that contain the aspect of the outer realms.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Due to their otherworldly gifts, they have inherited the ability to see in the dark. This is usually represented by the seraph having fully white, or metalic colored eyes, however not every Seraph looks that way, and yet still maintain the ability to see in the dark.
Seraph find that their connection to Vitium is far stronger than normal. As a result, they can create light on any object, thouh they themselves need not use it. Alternatively, should a Seraph find themselves desperate in a situation, their light can merely flash for a moment to show their connection to the divine, allowing one even without training in Magic to force the undead near them to flee. Those who are trained in divine magic will usually become a Cleric, as their innate abilities help to power their control over the undead, or sometimes other creatures. This flash or glow of light can only be used once a day however, and requires rest before using again.

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Many Seraphs trace back their culture to other fallen angels, be they Devils who were previously fallen from grace, for from angels such as Rhamnasia who chose to fall from grace and scour the world to fight evils. Many choose to worship Rhamnasia as the patron god of Seraphs.

Historical Figures

Genetic Ancestor(s)


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