Poppins Peculiar Purse

Created out of a neccessity by Margaret Poppins, an apprentice wizard who found herself constantly traveling missed the creature comforts of home. Because of this neccessity, the gathered the proper spells together and made a proper bag, allowing her to set up a "home away from home" anywhere she stepped. Her creation was immensly popular with people, as even though it did not hold as much as similar items, the fact it all fit in a single seat or spot on a cart made it a useful tool.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Thanks to the magical processes within Poppins Peculiar Purse, it has quite the storage capabilities inside of it. It also holds the magic of Fabrication as well however. Upon thinking of one of the listed items and reaching into the bag, the user can procure up to 1 of each of the different items listed below (save for the kitchen knives) which will stay 10 hours before dissapearing again. Putting the fabricated items back into the bag, or after a single use in combat (such as the knives as makeshift daggers, or the ladder as a battering ram) will make them dissapear. In addition to the items shown, the bag can also hold up too an additional 125lbs of gear without increasing its weight in any way.

If one puts in an item that Poppins Peculiar Purse already makes into the bag, then tries to take it out the person will pull out the item they already own first. Items outside of what the purse has made will always take up space within the bag itself. If someone were to try and pull an additional item of the same type out, then Poppins Peculiar Purse will at that time start creating that item.

If someone were to put in an empty lantern for example, the purse will fill the lantern, however upon trying to empty the lantern, the oil simply dissapears. The oil also dissapears if a lantern is created from the bag while a lantern that was filled from the bag is still burning with the oil inside. The oil simply transfers over to the new lantern.

  • Bedroll with Blanket
  • Blackboard & Chalk
  • Bullseye Lantern (Filled and Lit)
  • Crowbar
  • Flint & Steel
  • Hemp Rope (50ft)
  • Kitchen Knives (2)
  • Ladder (10ft)
  • Pole (10ft)
  • Polished Steel Mirror (2x4ft)

Manufacturing process

No matter the manufacturing process of the bag itself, its the enchantment that takes the most time. Requiring magical thread to be sewn into the bag itself during creation, it requires the utmost patience and time in order to get every stitch right, else the bag simply could not be formed. Each stitch must be done by hand, and be ingraned with magic upon the threads themselves in order to infuse it into the bag. Upon its completion, there should be no more spools of thread available to make another bag using the two spools of magical thread entirely.


Allthough not significant from any normal standpoint, the purse itself has been considered a modern maystay for businesswomen and travelers the world around for those who can afford to have one custom made.

Item type
Uncommon, however it can be found in many a magic shop for a good, cheap item for a traveling adventurer or saleswoman.
The bag only takes up a 3ft by 1ft by 1ft space in most cases, however some can be a light bit larger or smaller.
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Allthough the materials of the purse can be made in various ways, in every case the creation of the bag needs spellcasting ability to be created. In this case, access to the spells of Fabrication and extradimensional space. However, one will also need spools of enchanted thread in order to enchant the bag they are crafting.
The same tools are required to create the bag as you would immagine from most non-magical bags. Usually a tailors or leatherworkers toolkit is more than enough, as well as a safe place to enchant it.


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