Halmund Drakeslayer

Dragonslayer Halmund

The hero of Seconvale, he traveled to the town due to its central location due to rumors of evil dragons in the area. He traveled around the continent from Seconvale, taking out dragons with his companions. Lady Alea Gray, and Charles Spindlecrank.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Halmund was a gladiator at one point."Yeah, back in the day, to get off sweat and grime, we would coat ourselves in oil, and use a brush, comb, or even a knife to get off all of the stink... mine was made of olives... smelled pretty nice actually."


Neutral Good
Current Location
Seconvale, The City of Smiles
557 - 602 (Died 45 years old)
Circumstances of Death
Halmund died due to using cursed equpment in the Cursed Seconvale Fire, as a result of saving many lives during that time.
Biological Sex
Straight, belived to have had Lady Gray as a lover for a time during his adventuring days.
Brown eyes, but one is completely scarred over due to fire damage, resulting in his retirement, as well as the eyepatch he always wears.
Bald, but with a brown peppered beard.
Known Languages
Common, Draconic


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