In the beginning, there was nothing. That was the general consensus until even the gods themselves came upon the world and found the reality of demons there, already present with evil and chaos for eons beforehand. The gods created reality, and the demons grew angry. Since than, wars have been fought, and chaos rages behind the scenes of creation itself.

Types of Demons

Demons are split into three categories. Maliarent, Maliqua, and the Malima.


The newest form of Demons within the abyssal realms, with the smallest presence. Maliarent are incoporeal devils that spend their time traversing the mortal realm, inhabiting people and posessing objects in order to further the cause of evil within pondera. There are very few types of Maliarent, though they are all considered to be the product of dreams of dead gods.


The most ancient of demons within the abyssal realms. Their forms boggle the mind, and have no trace of mortal design nor features, making forboding and hideous forms to see. They dwell in the corners of the abyssal realms far away from other demons, awaiting for their chance to shine. They used to rule over the abyssal realms themselves until the Malima grew to great power over time. Now, they bide their time to exist in the state of chaos and evil as they have done for eternity.

List of Maliqua By Level of Danger


The most prolific of demons within the abyssal realms, the Malima are what most think of when it comes to humans. Their various forms show the greatest diversity within the abyssal realms and are the leaders of the abyssal realms by far. The Malima were forged from the first souls to enter their domain, potentially by gods located within the abyssal realms, though some belive that the Maliqua were the original creators due to their ancient forms.

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