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Contracts of Princess Myra, Amilia, Yen, and Ophilia

Three princesses in ancient times where bronze and copper were the pinnacle of technological achivement. They earned the Ire of Zasslic, and were cursed to suffer with ugliness for eternity. Than, another aspect of Zasslic approached and offered them a chance at redemption.


The document was created as part of an agreement between Mulor, and three ancient princesses, Myra, Amilia, and Ophelia, in order to give them back their youth and beauty once again.

Document Structure

Publication Status

This document was never publicly published, however, as it is a completed devils contract, one can ask the same devil for the contract, who has the option to provide it upon request.

Legal status

Thanks to the Pact Absolute, this publication is completely valid to be upheld in the name of the law.

Historical Details


In the written history of the world, the princesses had not appeared before their sudden uncovering in Brolugo 603. After which they caused a slight lapse in materials needed for maintaining the wall for Seconvale. A group of adventurers was sent to stop them, and found them in the middle of their oath. The party completed their oath, after which, the three surviving sisters were turned to stone.

Contract, Private

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