Architect of Xotor

The title of regency for The Technocracy of Xotor.


In order to become The Architect, the recipient has several items that they must have accomplished according to Xotorian bylaws. First, and foremost, the recipient must be the leading expert in their field. Far ahead of any other recipient. This includes awards, honors, and great success in their field. Seccond, the recipient must be known by not only those in their community as a leader of their specific expertise, but a regional expert that gives advice and works for numerous cities. The previous two mean absolutely nothing without the final step. The expertise of the individual must be essential for the purpose by which the country votes for its next overall issue. This is interpreted very loosely by the laws to allow for numerous individuals to step forward with plans to fix the country, but as time can be of the essence in an emergency, only a month is given for a plan to be made and brought forward by an expert in their field, in a collection of houses who grant the title to an individual to rule over the entire country.


For at least two years during their term as The Architect, they follow a very specific list of duties that can change from time to time, but overall the basic list is as follows.
  • The Architect must make advances towards the project at hand first and foremost.
  • Should sub-tasks be required, The Architect will decide on final funding and approve the funds granted and agreed upon by the grand council, to allow the sub-tasks to be performed.
  • The Architect will discuss laws that are hampering judgement to the Justicars, to try and expedite the process, but cannot guarantee that the laws will change due to inconvenience.
  • Will remove himself from office should the task be completed before the end of his term.
  • Will enforce the law, his law, upon fixing the issues of the country, and will use his power to remove obstacles in the path to him performing his duties. This has been known to cause issues because this power knows few limits, but can be vetoed by a 50% vote in the grand council.


The Architect recives a monthly stipend during his years performing his duties, and should he have proved sufficient in those duties, him and his family get a smaller, yet substantial stipend to continue their work into the future. This is usually maximised to up to 2 stipends per family member per house, with a maximum of 10 stipends being applied to the house in a single role as The Architect.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Should The Architect be found incapable of performing their duties, should the task be completed early, or if the project is to be changed before either of these happen, The Architect has his power revoked by the grand council on a 2/3rds majority vote.
Civic, Political
Equates to
Credell and other titles of rulership of a contry most closely resemble the title of Architect of Xotor. This is the highest rank within The Technocracy of Xotor and with it holds great power throughout all kingdoms.
Length of Term
2 Years, starting from the spring Equinox.
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