Poltergeist (PSR B1257+12 B)

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PSR B1257+12 c, alternatively designated PSR B1257+12 B, also named Poltergeist, is an extra-solar planet approximately 2,300 light-years away in the constellation of Virgo. It was one of the first planets ever discovered outside the Solar System, and is one of three pulsar planets known to be orbiting the pulsar PSR B1257+12. Over four times as massive as Cradle, it circles the primary at a distance of 0.36 AU with an orbital period of approximately 66 days. Because it and Phobetor have very similar masses and orbit close to each other, they were expected to cause measurable perturbations in each other's orbits. Detecting such perturbations confirmed that the planets were real. Accurate masses of the two planets, as well as their inclinations, were calculated from how much the planets perturb each other.   Poltergeist is a name for supernatural beings that create physical disturbances, from the German for "noisy ghost". These "physical disturbances" or perturbations akin to a "noisy ghost" are the reason for this planet's more proper name.   Poltergeist is the home of 6 incredibly well developed cities called Sectors. These sectors are enormous dome like structures built to protect the humans that live in this planet from it's extreme biomes and the solar pulses coming from the pulsar star is orbits. These Sectors are also built near or around a Trench. The Trenches are huge holes dug deep into the planets upper crust to reach its pockets of rich plutonium. These Trances are essentially large nuclear power plants spanning from 50 to 80 miles wide and hundreds of miles deep.   These power plants provide power to the whole planet and auxiliary power to its moons and other planets near by. But living in and around it comes with its problems. None the less the inhabitants of Poltergeist have benefited greatly from these trenches and have made these Sectors flourish socially and economically.  The Big 5 and Union, along with other smaller factions and corporations, have claimed their lots on this planet in a delicate yet beneficial balance of power.   This planet is dangerous in many ways but with the right attitude, allies, and enough drive you can accomplish anything. Unless some one is hungrier than you of course.

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Runners: Lancer trying to leave their mark on the planet Poltergeist.

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