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Stone City Clinic

Purpose / Function

Clinics in Poe are the main source of healthcare and healing for the sick. Minor injuries are handled in offices on the first floor of the building (diagnosing of sickness and prescribing medicine). While emergency services take place on the second floor, where the surgical wing is. There are recovery and long-term sick wards on the third floor.   Internships at the Poe clinic are highly prized. They get the best caretakers to work there (leading to the reputation of the city's clinic is the best, although it's attributed to the healing properties of the magic springs, when it's really the skill of the countries best caretakers being constantly cycled through the clinic).  Caretakers that have worked at the Stone City clinic are sought-after job prospects for every other clinic in Poe.


The clinic is a small three-story building, built of light grey granite like the rest of the city, built in the early Realism style, marked by stout stone carved columns in groups of three and winged arches over windows and doors. It's built into the outer wall, near the gatehouse, and the patrolled portion of the wall goes over the back offices. The building looks cheery from the outside, with flower boxes of purpurrosa flowers and the large white and blue signs of Poe clinics, but on the inside the lack of natural light makes one feel like they are actually underground. While tourists use the main entrance to the building through the portico, the locals know that three buildings down, there is a secret side entrance on the alley back to the outer wall that leads to the clinic where the admittance lines are much shorter.


The clinic was one of the first buildings built on the island of the Stone City alongside the chapel and monastery.  It was originally a threshed stone structure on the other side of the city, but as the need for those religious buildings to expand to provide for increased religious tourism to the site (the whole city was entirely reconstructed in 1001 by ruler Pious the Just in his great quest to show the world how close to God his rule was) and at this time the clinic was dismantled stone by stone, and carried across the island to be recontructed.


Legend has it that the waters of the stone city (the blessed well) have healing properties, so every spring there is a large wave of tourists that come to the city to get blessed by the holy water at the clinic.  While rumors of it's healing properties are widely overblown, The Stone City is still the most important religious pilgrimage site on the continent.
Founding Date
Parent Location
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