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A.k.a. The Six-Legged Wolf, The Huntsmatron


Suggested Domains (D&D 5E)
Life, War, Nature

  Hávadall's Words (Godbound)
Alacrity, Beasts, Fertility

  One of the two most powerful divinities in Jégoria's Lefelé, also known as the Downside. As the Six-Legged Wolf she has provided the two most important things in this dangerous environment to her people, protection and food. She was well-suited to do so as her specific aspects are that of Fertility, Hunting and Lycanthropy which respectively belong to the greater domains of Life and Chaos.   The Huntsmatron is frequently associated with fertility, child birth and child rearing. This connotation likely came to be because wolves are known to be very protective of their young. As a protective deity she promotes family structure and motherly values among her followers, and motherhood is a respected ideal. Orphans are more rare as a result, because not properly raising your children is taboo and cause for social exclusion.   Her aspect of fertility also ties into things like rejuvenation and growth. She famously inundated the nearby grounds that caused the river Csoda to re-emerge, allowing her people to set up some agriculture to support the increased population even here underground.   Her greatest gift she gave only to a select few, the gift of lycanthropy. It is a gift that provides great power and allowed those who were blessed with it to fight of predators and protect the rest. After the Retreat many came to her side in hopes of being blessed similarly, but she is picky with who she gifts this power for it is a dangerous one.   The Beast Within.
It is a virulent disease that is accompanied by an intense bloodlust that can be hard to control, and even though she has been careful in who to choose, many of the Líkan have still succumbed to the rage and madness. These mad Líkan are also known as the Garou, and they are a terrifying threat that has to be put down. Almost as bad are the skinwalkers, men or women who have put on the pelt of a slain werewolf and absorbed its power, including the bloodlust. Skinwalkers are rarely the kind of people prepared to deal with such an overwhelming bloodlust and nearly always succumb. All in all, few can contain the beast within.  


Hávadall's hallow is not as bombastic as some others, but the dark makes it a frightening place. A series of stalactites and stalagmites surround the tunnel opening leading to her hallow, appearing like a giant wolf's mouth, if said wolf had twice as much teeth as normal of course. The tunnel slopes downwards into the belly of the beast, becoming progressively larger until it opens up into an underground cavern surrounded by a small lake. This is her true hallow, and its waters are said to have rejuvenating properties.  


As one might expect based on her name, she frequently appears as (and is depicted as) a female wolf with six legs and three tails. She possesses fearsome claws and teeth, and her body is adorned by vines and branches wrapped around her limbs. Something about her presence also seems to magically pacify any nearby Líkan, who seem to automatically slip into their transformation in her presence but seem to suffer none of the bloodlust while she is within vision.


Like with most divinities, those who inhabit their cities tend to worship the divinity that safeguards it, for they would be lost without them. But some are more devout than others, and the most devout followers of Hávadall are the Wolf-Kin. TO BE EXPANDED.


Those who devote themselves to a divinity are sometimes rewarded for it, especially when they perform extraordinary actions. Hávadall promotes motherhood, but what it really comes down to is protection. The ability to protect those you love, and those who need it. She rewards those who use their strength to defend the powerless, and scorns those who use their power on the weak. The strong may rule, but they do so through merit, not through fear. She also has some distaste for those who let their weakness and fear rule them. Cowardice and unreliability are terrible traits that drag down the entire pack with them. Sometimes the weak should be left to die so that the strong may survive.   Hávadall's greatest gift is that of lycanthropy, but it comes attached with some serious risks. As such her worshipers are only given parts of the secret at a time, so they can slowly develop a resistance to its negative effects, and those who fail to do so are more easily put down. Those who master the gift however are fearsome foes, capable of moving at great speeds, sniffing out predator and prey alike, biting down on their adversaries with powerful jaws, and even shrugging off wounds that would kill most regular mortals.   Piety Rewards (D&D 5E)
Earning Piety:
  • Protecting the young and powerless from a predatory creature.
  • Fighting back against someone stronger to help your 'pack'.
  • Raising or restoring a monument to Hávadall.
  • Expanding the domain of Hávadall.
Losing Piety:
  • Letting yourself be ruled by your own fear and weakness.
  • Ruling through fear and discord.
  • Destroying a monument or totem to Hávadall.
Hávadall's Devotee.
(Piety 3+ Trait)
Before you can embrace The Beast Within, you first need to understand what that means. As a devotee you have to learn from the natural world. You can cast Speak with Animals with this trait, a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus. You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.   Hávadall's Votary.
(Piety 10+ Trait; Minimum Level 6)
Your devotion has allowed you a first glimpse into the bestial nature that resides in all men. Twice per day you can shift for 1 minute into the form of a Líkan as a bonus action. While you are in this form your move speed increases by 10 feet, and your bite becomes a natural weapon that deals piercing damage equal to 1d8 + your Strength modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike.
In addition you have advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks made to identify tracks or other traces of wildlife regardless of form.   Hávadall's Disciple.
(Piety 25+ Trait; Minimum Level 11)
Your mastery of the beast grows. You can now shift into the form of a Líkan three times per day, and when you do so you gain temporary hit points equal to your level. While in this form you gain a +1 bonus to your AC if you are not wearing heavy armor, and you gain the Keen Hearing and Smell feature which grants you advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks you make that rely on hearing or smell.   Saint of Lycans.
(Piety 50+ Trait; Minimum Level 17)
You have mastered the gift of lycanthropy, and you can draw on it to grant yourself incredibly resilience. You can now shift into the form of a Líkan five times per day.
While you are below half health in either form, you regain hit points equal to 5 + your Constitution modifier at the start of each turn. If you take damage from a silver weapon, this trait does not function at the start of your next turn.
Aligned Organization

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