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Pleotria is set in a time where technological progress had been forcibly rolled back by the jealousy of the Crystal Sphere divinities. Law and Chaos had come to a standstill once again. Unlaw invades the material, following the recent erasure of the Land of Nobility Babylos. The Dabu immortal known as The Herald, both by name and status in the city-state, Harap controls the reorigination device handcrafted by the gods of law to detent the unruly leaving a fallout crater.

To the east honour, ideology was adopted by the resident races, together with heavy restrictions on magic carved out a new path for society to take. Characteristic by their beautiful architecture and breathtaking open spaces full of lush grounds, plantations and blossoms. Artistic expression and poetry have found their place in their three large cities, and while congeneric, they stay different in allure.

Takakami, the palace of the mountain god so strong that his ambition reaches the heavens.

Ongon, the capital of spiritual connection where every god is honoured by a temple and prayer is their most powerful tool.

Hamnan of the Six Trumpeteers, the protectors of good and guardians of the Han-tree, every note of theirs strong enough to wipe out a horde of the still-walking to protect the breathing!

To the south, two countries have settled a three century-long war which ended in a peace treaty just some 20 years ago.

The mighty country of Faril lost many men to the might of nature which Gradnia embodies. Nevertheless, Faril prospers as its new emperor continues its tradition of conquest and violence, this time in the field of commerce conquering the name The Capital of Gold, Pelia, named after its emperor Pelios Fahrianimalios.

Gradnia, on the other side, remains yet unchanging but ever so diverse. Known as the forest of druids formerly elven in heritage, now is ruled by a human whose connection to nature is so profound that he has grown to be venerated as a demi-god among his kin. Ernest Zhivago, famous in the woods, Star Child, made sure the borders of his forest are open to all those who seek respite and a place to stay and spend their life living by the unsophisticated principles of life.

To the north is where the living turns their gaze towards undeath, the scarce living population centralised into fortresses built way back before the Outbreak Plague. Old but still standing despite their occasional undead raid the castle walls hold.

To the west betwixt, a small gap of rocky passages lay the Wonderfields. Seven was a symbolic number ever since the time of troubles. Luck was on this side of the world, although that didn't stop evil from lurking, for it was the power of an unbiased prophecy. And right below they lay the Beast Lands, large open steppes, lushious jungles all too dangerous to cross and chart.

Perhaps the most unruly in Pleotria was the Mad Scribe himself Pluto the Bender, he once wanted to collect as much knowledge as he could, but that knowledge came with a price. Corrupt and twisted by the Outside, the once-great tower of Ascent, which even the God of Wisdom himself loved to visit, is now a place only of horror and insanity.

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