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Ongon (Ongon)


Ongon is the city of illumination. Everyone is welcome here to worship their God, whoever it might be. Sacred grounds are a utopia for religion. Every single diety known to exist has a shrine here, its size represented by its influence over mortals. Plane travellers say that a lifetime would not be enough to learn about every diety here, but if you only want to pass by and study under a priestly tutor, here is the place to delve into all the secrets about the gods.

Points of Interest

Wind Hills, Akadi (landmark)

The Sun Stone (a ziggurat-temple)

Prime towers (giants reduced in size)

Devil-pit (brand affecting many shops)

Arbotereum of Dragons (Church and Museum)

Gardens of Chauntea (national park)

Lawhouse Cyric

House of invention, Garl Glittergold (Artificer school)

Slimeguise, Ghaunadaur (spa facility)

Gruumshblood hold (Uruk's embassy and military barracks)

Skies of Jazirian (Circus park)

Last Passage (Graveyard)

Tyrants Flame (Firemen department)

Memoars of the Destroyer (Library)

The Court of Loki (Thieves Guild)

The Amethyst Web (Lolth, underground)

The Mighty Green Maglubiyet (restaurant chain)

Hammers of Moradin (Grand Armory and study on dwarves)

The Dome of Midnight (Magic University)

The Halls of Odin (Military Barracks with clubbing facilities)

Scrolls of Oghma (Information buereu)

The Great Bath (Public onsen)

Primus University (Mathematics and Architecture)

Monument of the Twin Goddesses (Shar&Selune)

Shekinesters Coil (Spiral Library)

Silvanus National Park (big wild landmark outside of the city)

Saloon Lady Firehair (Beauty saloon chain)

Acedemy of the Battlelord (military barracks)

Lawcenter Torm (University for Judges, lawers, prosecutors and executors)

Hospital of Tyr (they make prosthetics)

Cornucopia de Yondalla (twelve story tavern)


Representative democracy. A stadium attended by archbishops of their respective gods argue in a quorum regulated by The Grand Oracle. Twice a year, on a Lunar and Solar Eclipse, every priest is magically teleported to the stadium where a decision is appointed and conflicts resolved.


Is the collective name given of the Paladin orders protecting Ongon from the criminality of the common varieties. They could be seen all over the place as their distinctive clothes and large emblems of their respective God.


These lands, even in the years when gods walked on, Pleotria were always that of wanderers. Nobody can claim that they originate from Ongon, but the truth is that all who decided to stay here for generations have found security and stability.


Ongon's source of income is their faith and knowledge, even though their fishermen yields are possibly the largest, they don't export much of what they catch. Relative to their geographic position, they lack minerals and the prices on markets are 40% higher, the reason being its imported origin. Adventurers find that it's often cheaper to travel up north or south to a village and buy their weapons and armour rather than emptying their pouch in the holy city.

Your repose, for a pally prayer

Geopolitical, City council
Leader Title

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