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Chokewater Swamp

Chokewater Swamp is a nasty, especially fetid swamp that sits in the southeastern corner of Blackwood. The swamp itself is dangerous thanks to toxic fumes (where it gets its name) and it's also inhabited by various evil fey, some undead, and a black dragon. It's also hiding a few buried secrets.   The ruler on paper is the viscount of Blackwood, but in the swamp itself, a coven of hags called the Decagon of Lathorn are the real ones in charge. Most of the other fey in the swamp follow the hags' lead.


Chokewater is a cold, wet swamp rather than a hot, steamy one, and the safest time to travel through it is during the coldest weeks of winter. A lot of the factors that make the air unsafe to breathe are heavily mitigated or even neutralized once it gets cold enough. There is precious little dry land throughout, though often the water is only a few inches to a few feet deep.

Fauna & Flora

Most of what lives in Chokewater is hostile to humanoid life in some way. The swamp gets its name from poisonous pollen, spores, and fumes which blanket the entire swamp in a sickening miasma. In addition, the swamp contains various aggressive plants and animals include a particular bush that fling needle-sharp javelin-like "thorns" at unsuspecting creatures, plants that give off gasses that are hallucination-inducing and explosive as well as choking and toxic, and strange half-living creatures invested with a parasitic, mind-controlling fungus.

Natural Resources

Chokewater is not high on the list of places that people go voluntarily, but some of the hostile plant life can be harvested for various magical or alchemical components. The water from Chokewater is so filthy that it's useful as a poison, and there is a dragon's hoard in there somewhere. Other than those things, though, it's a very resource-poor place.
Wetland / Swamp

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