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Planète rouge

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Humanity left Earth ; A world they exploited till it turned into a unrecognisable wasteland. Humanity left for Mars ; A world they terraformed till it turned into a natural paradise. Yet the evacuation effort was unprepared for the apocalypse on Earth and so the new inhabitance of Mars found themselves crash landing in a wilderness of their own making, surviving without the technology of the 23th century.   For the first time Earth's inhabitance could see the terraforming effort's success with their own eyes: Shining blue oceans, hot red coasts, lush feldgrau jungles. This was the equatorial belt of Mars, the bastion of humanity. However the sun's warmth was noticeably further away then on Earth, more so for those living in the southern highlands and cold red deserts. To trap the sun's heat the atmosphere was made humid and thick by the melting of dry ice from Mars's polar caps, the sky turned a light grey.   The setting takes place a hundred years after Earth's evacuation, where new Martian civilizations started to establish themselves as the rulers of a untamed Martian wilderness with humanity salvaging whatever technology is left in the wreckage of the evacuation effort while pushing forth new innovations. Despite all knowledge that's been saved secrets of the old world wait hidden in the Martian dust.   Oxygen generator towers dot the highlands catching carbon dioxide to break down, then letting the oxygen onto the wind currents blowing north. These towers are the lifeline of the Martians and the remainder of the company that pioneered the terraforming effort ; Babylon.Inc. Due to this a dependency formed between the inhabitance of the northern agricultural plains and southern frigid highlands.   The fledgling governments unable to build the infrastructure required for control over their borderlands created a lawless vacuum for pirates, bandits, hackers and adventures to rule the edges of the southern highlands and northern seas.

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