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Planet Ooracil

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Ooracil is a vast and diverse planet both culturally and geographically. From the monks living in isolation in the icy mountains in the North, to the bandits and brigands living among the ruins in the desert near the center of the world, and even the Crocfolk hunters and mercenaries living in the swamp in the deep South right below a vast jungle, these environments and more hold many adventures for those that seek glory.   Though bountiful, much of Ooracil remains untamed and danger lurks in every corner. With ocean comprising most of the planet, a band of pirate lords and their fleets patrol the seas wherever the Imperial Navy does not hold some sort of territory. Sometimes the pirates get help from the world famous thieves guild when handling matters with the navy. Rumors around the land also point to the existence of a cult that may have infiltrated the city that commands this navy, The Imperial City. As a result, many covert political schemes occur there that, if left unchecked, could bring about changes like Ooracil has never seen. Luckily, one other large city has the capability to contest with the Imperial City which keeps them in check for now.   Most of the inhabitants of this world are welcoming to adventurers of all backgrounds, but certain tensions are felt stronger in some places than others. One man has noticed these tensions and the injustices that they tend to bring, and he has taken it upon himself to correct them wherever he sees fit. Though he is ambitious and his intentions are pure, his methods and means threaten to topple the very way of life on Ooracil. Many factions have banded together to bring a stop to this man and his disastrous ideals, but he remains at large and most inhabitants of the world even doubt he exists. Now more than ever, the world needs a band of heroes to bring order to the land and restore faith to Ooracil's people.

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