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Planet Olympus

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The planet Olympus is a terrestrial planet with a diameter of 31,765 miles and a volume of 4 times the diameter of Home World (Earth in the ancient vernacular) and a volume 63 times the size of Home World but possesses a mass which generates only 15 gravities. In orbit around Olympus are three moons (one is airless and uninhabitable, one has marginal atmosphere which has been captured from Olympus, and one supports specialized lifeforms), a ring system which extends from vacuum into the planet’s breathable atmosphere and contains hundreds of semi-habitable large moon fragments.   Two of the moons are in higher orbit and far from the planet. The habitable moon is near the planet’s rings. A plethora of flora and fauna occupy the rings within Olympus’ atmosphere and the gravitational pull of the ring’s mass. Having a greater mass than Home World, Olympus can retain a larger atmospheric bubble which extends 1,200 miles above the surface of the planet. The atmosphere is further extended within the planets rings which extend from less than ten miles above the earth within the breathable atmosphere (breathable atmosphere ends 240 miles above Olympus surface) past the first and second moons. The gravity of the moons helps to keep larger particles of the rings within the lower atmosphere suspended while creating multiple tidal shifts in the ocean over the course of the planet’s 36-hour day. Three separate moons orbiting at different speeds, different altitudes, and with different gravitational masses create peaks and troughs of tide between the “high” and “low” tides when the moons are all on the same side of the planet at the same time. True “high” and “low” tides occur once every three days. The closest moon revolves around the planet twice a day resulting in two less-dramatic high and low tides per day similar to Home World. The second closest moon orbits the planet over a period of a day and a half resulting in higher peaks and lower troughs every forty-eight hours.   The only native lifeform still in residence on Olympus are the nearly indestructible vampiric creatures which the Human Races refer to as Angels. All other life on Olympus (including plants, insects, bacteria, etc.) were introduced during Human colonization of the planet. Due to mutations introduced by the Divinity Portal used to transport human embryos and viable plant seeds to the colonist from Home World, there are now dozens of Human Subspecies; Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Minotaur, Centaur, Dryads, Naiads, Mermaids, Nymphs, Sirens, and the additional sub-subspecies within the Ani-Men (Humans who appear crossed with various animal species, or who can completely shift form from animal to Human.) There are also the Chaos Mages, a genetically engineered Warrior species who were designed by the second wave of colonists to fight the Nefhilim/Necromancers (A subspecies of human with a fatal mutation which necessitates them draining the life force of other living beings to survive.).   Animal species of note are the sentient Giant Ice Eagles, Golden Eagles, Giant Cats, Fire Lizards, and Dolphins which telepathically bond with a human partner or “rider”. The mammoths of the Eastern Plains, giant lobsters of the Priestess Isles, turtles of the Northern Archipelago, and sturgeon of the Great Divide are animals of excessive size which are commonly raised for food or labor. Among plants the unusually large trees of the Jungle Valley and of the temperate forests of Medri seem to possess unusual properties which allow them to grow larger in the heavier gravity of the planet. Many common plant crops from Home World have grown far larger than they would have in their natural environment. Many species of plant and animal has adapted to the lower gravity and atmosphere of the rings, some migrating all the way to the closest moon. While writings of unicorns and dragons exists, it is unknown whether or not these creatures actually exist or are a cultural carryover from Home World mythologies.   There are four forms of Magic wielded by the creatures of Olympus. Most prevalent is Human Majik. It is an ability which seems to be natural to all forms of Human and involves spells and potions. The traditions migrated from Home World to Olympus with the colonists. But while those spells and potions had little to no viability on Home World, they have become a legitimate force due to the unique properties of Olympus (there may have been a point in the history of Home World where Majik worked on that world as well). The Magi are the primary wielders of Majik and have incorporated its use into their religion or the Mother and Father Creation Myth they spread. There are independent practitioners Human Majik but most never reach a notable level of proficiency. The second form of Magic, Chaos Magic/Antimatter psychokinesis is wielded by both Mages and Nefhilim/Necromancers and is powered by the way those being’s souls are tethered to the Chaos/Antimatter Universe. Each Mage or Nefhilim/Necromancer possesses within them the means to access the other side of the Primary Veil.   Ordered Magic/Matter psychokinesis is the magic of the Children of Desire (also referred to as Witches). These people are believed to be the offspring/descendants of a Creation Goddess. This belief is furthered by the fact that their bodies exude a pheromone compound which makes them sexually attractive to all Human Subspecies, while their empathic and telepathic abilities exude a field around them which compels all unshielded minds to want/love/adore them. Youth of this subspecies which have not yet reached adulthood instead have a natural defense mechanism which makes all mammals around them want to protect them and blocks all possibility of any adult finding them sexually attractive.   The last form of magic is that of the indigenous lifeform. Their magic interacts with the Ordered/Matter Universe only. While they can travel among the Ordered/Matter Veils to instantaneously travers great distances of Space-Time they do not have the ability to traverse the Primary Veil. Angels appear to be all powerful. While some of the ancient Epics indicate that some Angels may have been killed in battle during the Great Necromantic Wars, there is no reliable evidence that an Angel has any form of vulnerability once they reach maturity. There are less than one-hundred known pure-blooded Angels in existence. All other known angels are Angel-Born, meaning that they are born from the union of an Angel and one of the Human Subspecies which occupy the planet. Angel-Born are genetically part Angel and Part Human at birth, while their Angel DNA replicates more slowly than their Human DNA, their Angel DNA continues to replicate even after their Human DNA has begun to slow/stop towards the end of the human lifespan of 80 to 220 true years (Lifespan varies by subspecies). It is in this way that Angel-Born become more Angelic throughout their lives. Until they reach Angel maturity, they continue to be mortal, if difficult to kill, and very long lived.

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