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The City of Dry Orbit

this place was a home were we created to protect us from the elements, the bottom is we saved the biomass, The Odby, and from there we built high and we built weapons to keep safe from all the resentment for the war we won in the year of 4300 WA. but now when humanity came out of the ground and revealed themselves. we have no reply to their existence or any retort against them for we would act in the same manner. for if we can't answer without hostility we lose our very definition as a people?.   -interview with the counselor With Corner year 10,000 WA


30% of humans to 70% peoples


it is totalrian, with heavy taxes on the Odby, the cloth robotic shells, their skeletons, and any new tech no mater what kind. its many fealers out in the city for information on archeology and movments in the dark web


massive explosions generators that can deploy a nuclear explosion 300 miles away, satellites dishes that shoot lasers as incoming fighters, and advanced jamming capabilities that work on humans.

Industry & Trade

fashion, car dealer, VR entertainer, bioengineer, the mafia, singer, skeleton maker, cloth maker communication specialist, mind games player.


bio plantation, skydiving, VR pubs, tech development, singing, and design work.


biomass, radiation generators,

Guilds and Factions

the bio tinkers are very wealthy and have a big reputation for gaining extra money on the side from the black market, the scrubbers are a large group of the people who live in the internet and scrub the evidence of haking


it was an empty piece of land with the best spaceship landing zone for short notice and first, the bottom was a several dozens big Odby vates that protected it from the elements and we just build it up from there and here we are.


brutalist, with small triangles of clay around the key pad with some being programmable images.


is in a small desert which that is in a really big hole where the big ships from death wind had landed

Natural Resources

Alternative Name(s)
legs of sphere
34 billion people
Inhabitant Demonym
the drits
Location under
earth 28,000 years in to the future A.K.A the White Orbit
the fedration of the people
Owning Organization
the fedration of the people

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