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Planescape: Aftermath

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NaNoWriMo 2018   Many years ago beings from far beyond the explored edges of reality worked great malice and evil, undermining and eroding the very fabric of space. A great war was waged, the havoc that was wrought came to an end. In the aftermath the survivors learned not just about the true nature of evil and chaos, but about themselves. Elite groups arose from the ashes of what was and set events into motion, vying for absolute control and playing right into the plans laid by the old evil ones. Would the planes be torn apart once and for all? Would it be the factions acting on their own wills, or as puppets whose strings were tugged from the great dark beyond? A small group rises above the pettiness and whether through intention or luck their actions change the fate of everyone. Creatures warped through contact with the unfathomable beings from the far realm still lurk, masterless. Many sought to bring them to heel, but none more sucessful than the melded devices of the Modrons. Many years have passed since the great war.

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