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Liean Tea

An herb mostly known to be enjoyed by Amorian people these days, but it actually originated in Vileia and only discovered by the people of Lorel after they landed in the island groupings of Dracis. It overtook Amorian Tea fairly quickly after it was discovered that, along with the sweeter flavor, it has a similar effect as a Potion of Calmness. Upon being absorbed in the stomach, it soothes the nerves and clears the mind any unnecessary worries, without completely taking ones alertness as the Potion does.   The brew was first discovered following a counterattack by the Commonwealth upon one of the many Dracis clans on their islands. From there the staple drink was cast as the stereotypical item of every Amorian home. It brought the two continents of Vileia and Lorel together, and brought Amorian Vervain metal to the Empire of Vileia.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It is a variation of the standard tea leaf that is crossed with many properties similar to that of the Dragons Tear species of flower (which is one of the key ingredients in the Potion of Calmness).


A major trading good to both Amoria and the Vileian people. Dracian pirates will attack most of the rippled Vileian ships just to get their hands on crates containing the substance to sell for themselves.
"For the Liean cargo, well need to ask for 50 gold. What did you expect? Where theres the sugar and tea you can expect Dracian Pirates."
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Common in Amoria and Western Vileia, but increasingly rare to further away from those coastal regions.
Base Price
5 cp
Rarity: Amoria- Common in the coastal cities. Dumand- Rare Dracis- Common   Other Brews:   Chevu-Voi - This form is more often found in Dumand and Dumais. There they mix the leaves in with the Ashbulb grounds, usually made to brew their coffee, in with the soothing tea. The effects of this mix is adding some bitterness to the normally sweet drink, and decreasing the soothing effects that is commonly associated with the eastern brew.

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