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Bahr Fobia is the fifth of the Seven Melodies and both the sovereign ruler and creator of Osculos. Though generally identified as female, Fobia's true form is not widely known and it is uncertain if Melodies even have gender at all. Fobia's musical style vastly differs from her counterparts, as does her tastes in virtually everything. She prefers music that is shocking, erratic, and full of pain, qualities that can are also reflected in her design choices. Her Disigno reflects her love of fear, chaos, and the macabre.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Though nothing at all is known about the origins of the Melodies or how they came to have dominion over Planeros, their actions upon arrival are well documented. They wasted no time in making their way to their own realms and spent several years terraforming the planet into its current form. Fobia quickly vanished from sight after her Disigno was completed, though it is said she still haunts any who enter from other lands. The denizens of Osculos all seem certain that she currently resides in the center of the Sea of Calamity.

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