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Esthesis is the sixth of the Seven Melodies and the supreme ruler of Jubolos. Though it is unknown if Melodies have traditional genders, Esthesis is commonly thought of as a woman. Unlike the other Melodies, however, she frequently changes form and occasionally presents herself as male, leading many to wonder if Melodies have a base form at all. Still this quality may be unique to her, as the mahn she designed in her realm posses similar abilities, and that quality is unique to them throughout Planeros. Esthesis' music is freeform, with little discernible pattern or direction. Despite their seemingly random nature, her songs are easy to get stuck in your head. Her obsession with all things artsy is clearly evident in her Disigno's design (or lack thereof).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Though nothing at all is known about the origins of the Melodies or how they came to have dominion over Planeros, their actions upon arrival are well documented. They wasted no time in making their way to their own realms and spent several years terraforming the planet into its current form. Esthesis crafted an enormous city that spanned her entire Disigno, in complete contrast with the natural elements that dominate all of the others. Each building, street and trashcan was meticulously designed. So, the race of mahn who lived in her domain were unsurprisingly shocked when she gave them instructions indicating that she wanted them to tear it apart as they so pleased. Though the initial years of this process were full of destruction, some of those who lived in Jubolos began to create things in imitation of Esthesis. Those that had a creative spirit were given the abilities that all Artisans now possess, and were also permitted to breed within the realm. Soon, an entire culture of designers, artists, and crafters were born, and Esthesis vanished. The city of Jubolos spans for thousands of miles in all directions, so no one knows where she really went.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Unlike most of the other Melodies, who enjoyed conversing and speaking clearly with those under them, Esthesis almost never spoke intelligibly. She was clearly capable of higher thought, for she did sing words that could be understood, but aside from one occasion, her speech was never directed at mahn. If she ever uttered anything sounding like words, it was never for their sake.

Gender Identity
Unlike the other Melodies, who have a set form and a perceived gender, Esthesis was uniquely fluid in form. Oh rare occasions, she would even take on the forms of other Melodies. What goal she had in doing this is unknown, as few dared question her actions, and those who did were often met with either steely silence or incomprehensible riddles.

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