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Artisans are the type of mahn that live in the Jubolos Disigno of Planeros. Unlike the other races of mahn, their forms are extraordinarily varied and unique from one individual to another, so much so that one could mistake them for another species altogether. They are not made of flesh and bones, like most of their species, but are completely comprised of varying artistic matter, from clay to stone to metal, to even plastic. Artisans are capable of a number of incredible skills unique to their race, and only available to them while they are inside Jubolos. These skills include:   The ability to transform and absorb matter. Artisans can convert the world around them into whatever they are made of. If they are metal, they can turn the chair they are sitting in into metal, even if it is made of complex materials like plastic or wood. They can then absorb that material, increasing their body mass. This is also how they consume sustenance.   The ability to change form. Artisans are born out of whatever material their parents are comprised of. However, they are able to shape that form into whatever they wish it to be, allowing them amazing creative freedom over their own body.   The ability to change others. The two previous abilities combine to allow a willing Artisan to be transformed by another. This is essential for mating, as both partners need to be made of the same material to produce a child. Once a child is conceived, neither parent will be able to transmutate their body ever again, so Artisans usually mate for life. Interestingly, while they are usually not able to effect this change on other races, Dhols can be transformed through this process if they are residing in Jubolos.

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