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Plane of the Cheesewalkers


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Welcome to the Plane of the Cheesewalkers


How do I navigate this site?

On the left, there are a few categories from which you can choose. These categories contain (mostly) important people (NPCs) and locations. I feel that this is the best way to organize things in such a way that you'd normally search for something. There are some other articles about things like gods, countries, technologies and other small tidbits. But before you start reading any articles, please check out: "the History of Events". Which is a link down below. It tells you the history of the world in a few important moments and why the world is in the state that it now is.  

What is this all about?

The plane of the Cheesewalkers is a campaign world which I'm designing. The world has been divided by something called "The Black" (The Blackening). The world itself is something between a fantasy setting with some steampunk elements thrown in. There are several countries / areas of control, each under a king, elected leader, or council of people. The continent is surrounded by the Black, with no one who ever tried to navigate the black has ever returned. Currently there are 5 groups on andventure.  

Yeah okay, but what is the story about?

The story starts with the group of adventurers on their way to Helmaroc's Rest a large and industrious city on the Edge of the Sludgespike. The story is an epic tale of a group of adventurers who find themselves thrown together and the need to step up defeat the big bad evil.   Explaining more about the story would spoil it, but if you want to know more, please feel free to browse through the different articles I've written about the Plane of the Cheesewalkers. One last thing, many articles are just little snippets of information about the various things that they describe. But feel free to ask clarification about any subject and I shall elaborate.