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The Black-Hammer

The Black-Hammer is the hereditary hammer of clan Black-Hammer, forged by Feld in the founding of Kazak Dran and used against the black goblins to earn its name. It is passed down through the Black-Hammer clan and is held at present by Falf.

Manufacturing process

The Rune Iron ore needs to be smelted in a reinforced smelter to cope with the blasts that are released when the iron melts. The Rune Iron needs to be forged in to a hammer by a brave smith. This process can result in explosive detonations which can kill unskilled and unaware smiths. The hammer then needs to have a Rune Smith hammer runes in to head of the hammer. Runes of fire and force.


The Black-Hammer is the hereditery hammer of the clan of the same name and is the most prestigious item held by that clan.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Rune Smith's Guild
Owning Organization
The Moot
23 lbs
40, 6, 15 cm
Raw materials & Components
The Black-Hammer is made entirely of Rune Iron.
The hammer was made with a blacksmiths hammer, a Runic Anvil, a Rune Forge and flammable oil.
Related Materials

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