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The Black Company

the Black Company is the retinue of clan Black-Hammer. They protect the members and interests of the clan and swear oaths of fealty to the clan leader. They are highly respected and well trained warriors equipped in full plate armour made of dwarf steel. Typically armed with shields and axes they are a formidable foe when engaged in melee.



The company consists of one hundred retainers.


The Black Company have access to the armouries of Clan Black-Hammer ensuring that each member is equipped in a fine suit of dwarven plate armour. Additionally they are equipped with blasting runes which they can use either against structures or massed infantry formations to cause great damage and inflict terrible wounds and losses.


Each retainer is equipped with a round shield and axe. Additionally some company members are equipped with bows instead of shields allowing them to engage targets from afar. This is however down to the retainers preference.


The Company is lead by a captain who is chosen from the ranks of the company by the retainers. For every 20 retainers they also choose a commander who will lead that element in battle.


The Black Company use shield wall tactics when engaging the enemy as well as utilising their blasting runes to disrupt enemy formations. When on the defensive the company will make use of its bowmen to harry incoming formations and disrupt charges.


In order to be selected for the company it is expected that a retainer would already have extensive experience in battle. In addition to this the Company train daily to ensure battle readiness.


Logistical Support

The Company are used primarily for the defence of the clan meaning that they are easily supplied however when in the field they are expected to carry their own supplies sufficient for several days out of supply range.


Each retainer is expected to serve for a minimum of 50 years, once this period is over they are allowed to keep their arms and armour and are given clan kinship if they are not part of the clan. During their time in the company they are paid in gold and are provided lodging and food.


Retainers are recruited from the families loyal to the Black-Hammer clan and only those who have extensive experience in warfare are enlisted.

Overall training Level
Parent Formation
Dwarven Retainers
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