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Rune Steel

Rune Steel is found only in the Ironback mountains and is relatively rare. It has properties similar to that of steel but is distinct in its ability to hold runic magic for far longer than regular steel. Regular steel may hold a runic enchantment for a number of years whereas rune Steel has not been known to loose its magic. Therefore it is highly sought after by Rune Smiths and Smiths for the forging of weapons and armour as items made from Rune Steel can be passed from generation to generation with no impact upon the enchantment.


Physical Characteristics

Physically it looks and behaves the same way any iron ore would however when struck it releases blue sparks.


Rune Steel behaves exactly as steel does but it holds a runic enchantment indefinitely.

Geology & Geography

Rune Steel has only been found in the Ironback mountains which is why there are so many dwarves who choose to live there.

History & Usage


Rune iron ore was found by the first dwarves who settled in Kazak Dran where there was small vein of it. This vein was collected and forged in to a great hammer by Feld, who defeated the black goblins with it. Feld was named Black-Hammer after the battle and his descendants have taken his name.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Rune Steel weapons and armour are common heirlooms of important dwarven clans. Small pieces of Rune Steel can be enchanted with a simple enchantment and are often used as tokens of authenticity between clans.


Rune Steel is very powerful and as it is refined it becomes more so. Rune Iron is almost unusable due to the amount of power it exerts during forging and so Rune Steel is far more common.


Trade & Market

Rune Smiths are always looking to purchase Rune Steel from Smiths lucky enough to get their hands on some. Rune Steel is sold at incredibly high prices due to its rarity and its power.


Rune Steel is stored in as safe a manner as possible. Guards are often employed from loyal clans to protect it once it is found as it is incredibly valuable.

A single ton of Rune Iron ore, unrefined would be worth the entirety of most human cities.
Rune Iron ore is immensely rare and therefore so is Rune Steel.
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