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Rune Anvil

A Rune Anvil is a specialist piece of equipment used by rune smiths to enchant items with powerful runic magic. due to the expense of making a rune anvil only journeymen and above are permitted to use them. Rune Anvils of exceptional power exist and these are used by master rune smiths to create items of immense power.

Manufacturing process

Rune Anvils must be cast out of a single piece of iron and must be have their runes be precise. Slight inconsistencies with the runes upon the anvil will cause inconsistencies or failure with the enchanting process. Additionally whilst the metal is cooling a rune smith must be present to perform various chants to ensure the metal can be used. If the anvil dose not take the enchantment then it must be thrown out.


Rune Anvils hold immense significance to dwarves who's greatest achievements are made with them.

Item type
Smith's Guild
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Rune Smith's Guild
Rune Anvils are made by specific request of the Rune Smith's Guild and are allowed only in the hands of registered guild members.
600 lbs
3 feet long, 1 feet wide and 3 feet tall
Base Price
10,000 gold
Raw materials & Components
rune Anvils are made out of solid iron whilst the most powerful are made out of rune iron.

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