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Redfall Mountains

The Redfall mountains are located on the southern peninsula of the western continent and are owned by the Kingdom of Beveran. They divide the peninsula almost equally and provide it with many quality mines for iron. The foothills also abound with wildlife contributing to a thriving hunting industry.


The mountains dominate the region with their foothills stretching almost to the coasts on either side of the peninsula. Many minor rivers run off the mountains contributing to the fertile hills and valleys of the region.

Fauna & Flora

Whilst the mountains are home to many hardy species such as mountain goats, the foothills around are far more hospitable and host a great plenty of woodland creatures.

Natural Resources

The mountains are an excellent source of iron for the surrounding cities and towns allowing them to export a great quantity of iron and steel overseas.

Mountain range
Garibald Tassilo
Owning Organization
Kingdom of Beveran

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